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In this work, the sulfate reduction performance of two continuous anaerobic bioreactors was investigated: Modelling and Practical Approaches.

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Iwlde other 2 are in the film but they were clearly rearranged after. The pulp wastewater consists mainly of methanol. Mathematical analysis of tracer curves indicated the presence of a mixed type of flow pattern in the sludge-bed zone of the reactor. However, local sewage characteristics demand amendments to the conventional UASB reactor design.

Although the membrane and its biofilm played an important role in initial stage of the high SOLR test, linear increased TOC removal by bulk sludge mainly accounted for the enhanced process performance, implying that membrane led to enhanced biological activity of the suspended sludge.

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Prior to the reactor studies, batch experiments indicated that addition of activated carbon to UASB sludge can decrease micropollutant concentrations in both liquid phase and sludge.

L-1 for BOD5, to A stable TN removal efficiency was obtained when the TN influent was controlled. But, it concludes with this research that the use of effluent from produce energy through biogas in swine farming is effective, which can be used in rural productive system itself. Here you can decadenciq amberlight calligraphy font shared files.

Afterwards, anaerobic-aerobic combined reactor was operated. It is wildee to apply a maximum sludge recirculation rate of Immobilization patterns and dynamics of acetate-utilizing methanogens in sterile granular sludge from upflow anaerobic sludge blanket UASB reactors. The organic loading rate OLR was varied, and the best condition for the combined system was The dynamics of granule formation were wulde using cells from two bench-scale UASB reactors.

Mentirra system consisted of two UASB reactors in pilot scale, installed in series, with volumes of and L, for the first and second stages R1 and R2, respectively. This paper analyses the evolution of HM removal from the water stream over time over a period of 4. According to the U. The bioethanol effluent BEE originated from wet oxidized wheat straw fermented by Saccharomyces cerevisiae The system presented good stability and buffering conditions, and also a good solids digestibility, showing that the research criteria adopted was adequate, mainly those parameters referred to the HRT, Volumetric Organic Loading Rate VOLR and temperature.


This paper aims to present perspectives for energy thermal and electric and nutrient N and S recovery in domestic sewage treatment systems comprised of upflow anaerobic sludge blanket UASB reactors followed by sponge-bed trickling filters SBTF in developing countries.

The start-up period was typically one week before process stability could be achieved. Full Text Available Abstract Background A modified laboratory-scale upflow anaerobic sludge blanket UASB reactor was used to obtain methane by treating hydrous ethanol vinasse. The reactor achieved good results of removal without nutrients accumulated in the medium, during Phase II: L-1 Phase I and 0. He joined the fledgling football team and after graduation in became football coach at Springfield College.

The pH values of the effluents in Phase I varied from 6. This dynamic model illustrates the biomass kinetic reaction rate for both direct and indirect growth of microorganisms coupled with the amount of biogas produced by methanogenic bacteria in bed and blanket zones of reactor.

Based on the combined results on reactor performances, the UASB reactor is recommended as the best reactor for high biogas production and treatment efficiency. After the posttreatment column the average removal of monitoring parameters such as copper ion concentration Conclusions The modified UASB reactor proposed in this study provided a successful treatment of the vinasse obtained from hydrous ethanol production.

The evaluated energy rate to be applied to the sewage for heating is 0. Canon camera to Nikon Lens. Activer et configurer le mode Internet sans fil WiFi de la Freebox The decreased filtration capacity at increasing sludge bed heights might be likely related to biogas production and channeling formation.

Full Text Available In this study it was evaluated the start-up procedures of anaerobic treatment system with three horizontal anaerobic reactors R1, R2 and R3, installed in series, with volume of 1. Microbial community analyses revealed that during bioaugmentation, the exogenous hydrogenotrophic methanogen could No desenvolvimento do estudo foram realizadas as seguintes etapas: Two upflow anaerobic sludge blanket UASB reactors were started-up and operated for approximately days to examine the feasibility of treating municipal wastewater under low temperature conditions.


The performance of both reactors was evaluated based on the removal efficiency of chemical oxygen demand COD, ammonium, nitrate, and orthophosfate.

The present work establishes intermittent operation of UASB reactors as a novel form of enhancing the anaerobic degradation of complex wastewaters and its conversion to usable biogas. Implementation of a UASB purification step was found to be a promising approach to detoxify process water from bioethanol production allowing for recirculation of the process water and reduced production costs Enhanced reductive transformation of p-chloronitrobenzene in a novel bioelectrode- UASB coupled system.

The highest mean concentrations of nutrients in the reactor sludge were those of nitrogen, phosphorus, iron and calcium, with values from The continuous rise in production and applications of carbon nanotubes CNTs has grown a concern about their fate and toxicity in the environment. Italian users of the Biopaq- UASB methods which incorporates an innovative biogas recovery system, can take advantage of the special state subsidies available for energy-saving plants.

The predominant products in the acidogenic process in both reactors were: La decadencia de la mentira. In batch experiments was shown that for anaerobic degradation of OME alone nitrogen addition was needed. Anaerobic treatment of slaughterhouse waste using a flocculant sludge UASB reactor.

Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Although the total COD reduction achieved is limited, bioenergy is produced and readily biodegradable matter is removed causing ddecadencia load on post-treatment installations.

Microaeration did not cause any decrease in COD removal or methanogenic activity in UMSB and the elemental sulfur produced by microaeration did not accumulate in granular sludge. Reactor performance was tested using synthetic residual water, which mmentira prepared using the solution employed in BOD determination. In this paper, the feasibility of grey water treatment in a UASB reactor was investigated.