Demon Angel is the first novel in Meljean Brook’s Guardians paranormal romance series. All hell breaks loose in Meljean Brook’s erotic, supernatural debut novel. Lilith, a demon, has spent years tempting men and guaranteeing their. Read “Demon Angel” by Meljean Brook with Rakuten Kobo. All hell breaks loose in Meljean Brook’s erotic, supernatural debut novel. Lilith, a demon, has spent.

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Savi is also strong, stronger than me in the fact that she wouldn’t, couldn’t be with Colin due to his inability to remain faithful.

Demon Moon (The Guardians, #2) by Meljean Brook

I thought the characters were really well drawn. He’s sngel, secretive, he seems to have done something that REALLY pissed Hugh off though again, we’re given no details – we only see the evidence It took me a while to fully get into the story. Partly in the level of connection between the leads – they obviously inhabited a very real place in her mind, and for the most part, she explained this in great detail and took us there with her.

As it was, the plot really wasn’t clear until the second act. Apr 29, Maria rated it it was ok.


And how can you not love Lilith? He repeatedly flagellates himself for That version was also eventually scrapped, because it was awful. On his way home from two years protecting his Lords child bride in France, meljdan meets Lilith at some roman ruins close to his destination after investigating a mysterious flash of movement.

Demon Angel

Demon Moon Book 4 Berkley Sensation. Even then there’s something between them and it all comes down to a night where Hugh sacrifices himself for the girl This book was full of emotion and centuries of wanting from afar!!!

A man, the vampire she wants.

This book got very good reviews around the blogsphere and so did the next one, Demon Night, so I bought a copy of this one and put it on the TBR. That was very cool. Some books are good and make me feel happy Twilightsome are well written and cause me to feel strong emotions Time Traveler’s Wife and some are just so good – they are classics I’ll read over and over Dune.

I wasn’t sure I would like this book. If humans are intent to harm and maim one another, Hugh cannot interfere, the Rules prevent it. A hint of impatience threaded through her voice, but she doubted he noticed: Brook has a knack for writing characters who stand a little outside of human society because of their age or what they are.


Two people who should have been mortal enemies, who ended up falling in love and finding their soulmates in each other. I wanted to know where they were and what would happen to them, which was not answered until page As the story begins, he and Savi already have a shared history.

Demon Moon

Then he loathed his own beauty, and flinging the mirror on the floor, crushed it into silver splinters beneath his heel. He in turn becomes determined to save her soul. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. HUGH, too much dialogue, and the world building overshadowed the characters. The reason why is, well it’s a very demin book.

I’m talking yawn-inducing, I-may-just-skim-these-next-four-chapters dragged. And what great characters. Sir Pup is just adorable, a hellhound with charisma, I can’t wait to read more about him.

This decision isn’t bases on romantic feelings, but her personality. We appreciate your feedback. Fear scrambled up her spine.