Democracy in America, Volumes One and Two by Alexis de Tocqueville, trans. Henry Reeve is a publication of the Pennsylvania State University. This Portable . Alexis de Tocqueville: “Democracy in America”. As “Democracy in America” revealed, Tocqueville believed that equality was the great political and social idea of. Alexis de Tocqueville (). Democracy in America. Volume 1. Alexis De Tocqueville. Written: ; Translated: by Henry Reeve, revised and corrected, ;.

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They carefully divided the functions of man and woman in order to carry out the great work of society more effectively p. Tocqueville cleverly notes that the same system of government played out in Europe is not focque safe guarantee of its success becuase the characters of their populations are different.

An ugly struggle between two huge armies that locked horns 10, times, the Civil War was the first recorded war between two aspiring representative democracies, whose political elites were prone to think of themselves as defenders of two incompatible definitions of democracy. There was segregation and deep inequality in education.

I am pushed ameroca this determination not only by the desire to set myself apart from authors strictly speaking, but also by a certain pride that persuades me that I will find no subject as grand as the one that I have just treated and that, consequently, I would be demeaning myself by taking up the pen again. While history hasn’t borne out all his predictions, there have been enough. It forces each citizen to occupy himself in a practical way with government and moderates the tendency to create the general ideas in politics that equality produces; it provokes uncertainty in this way.

They judged, moreover, that progress lay not in making dissimilar beings do virtually identical things but in seeing to democrach that each acquitted itself of its task in the best possible way.

Alexis de Tocqueville: Democracy in America (LOA #147)

Eclecticism is the government of the middle class introduced to philosophy. As translator, my goal was to choose the best alternative and then to be consistent throughout the edition. I read selections this time around, as I did years ago. It is a book more admirable in its ambition than likeable in it’s delivery.

Drawn out amfrica obscurity, they are going to reappear in the middle of the known text.


Even if the Beaumont family belonged to the minor provincial nobility and could not wlexis among its ancestors a Lamoignon de Malesherbes, the family had, like the Tocqueville family, distinguished itself in arms and was related to the A,erica family. It does as little of the work of each day as possible, without worrying about tomorrow.

The American frontier, the great wilderness that extends to the Pacific Ocean, offers a space in which ideas transform reality without encountering obstacles and Edition: Within this collection of drafts, variants, and other materials there exists an important, but not always clear, hierarchy of manuscript materials.

Examples occur throughout the Democracy. Other drafts of the second part of the book, and all those belonging to the first part, exist only as copies that all together number about ticque, pages divided into sixteen notebooks ; they can be relatively trusted.

It will take many years of study and careful re-reading to fully comprehend the importance of what I just read.

Even if man is incapable of imagining what is going to follow, of reading the plans of Providence, he can, within the domain reserved to a,exis, recognize a law of the evolution of history and of intelligence. Consequently, family formed a larger portion of a person’s identity.

Each volume is divided into several sections. To embrace the whole in its entirety would be foolishness.

Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville

Before these journeys, Tocqueville came to the aid of his friend, Louis de Kergorlay, implicated in the adventure of the Duchess de Berry. In Democracy in America Tocqueville does not consider workers as a separate social class but rather as a menial fragment of la class industrielle.

Once it was an accomplished fact, I continued to believe what I had always believed, that the strictest duty was not toward a man or a family, but toward country. It oppressed the body, but the soul escaped its tyrannical enterprise.

But they also reflect the tangled paths of his musings, including intellectual trials, asides, and dead ends. It then became imperative to contact colleagues, friends, and relatives in order to obtain the information necessary for understanding America by way of understanding France.

There is the point of departure. Part of my challenge has therefore been to maintain the right balance between closeness and felicity, between faithfulness and readability. That is the advantage of true democracy. For although slavery can be destroyed through legal action, the effects of slavery, the deep-rooted racial prejudice and hatred, cannot so easily be wiped clean. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Religion, the last element peculiar to the American democratic situation, prevents the Americans from falling into the error of trying to apply the principles of rationalist philosophy to matters that are not suited to such principles.


Next he went west, to Pittsburgh and Cincinatti; then south to Nashville, Memphis, and New Orleans; then north through the south-eastern states to the capital, Washington; and at last back to New York, where he returned by packet to Le Havre, France.

I could give more examples, through quotations, of some of the generalizations I’m talking about, but I honestly don’t want to waste the time.

It is evoked throughout Democracy. The grip of sentimental tradition, absolute morality and religious faith in the power of the divine weakens.

Democracy in America. English Edition. Vol. 1 – Online Library of Liberty

Whether this is true anymore is tocqie story. The notes consist of marginalia, of variants or versions predating the final version, which belong to the drafts, travel notes, fragments of correspondence, and criticisms put forth by friends and family.

But for the key terms used by Tocqueville, the principle demoocracy been to be as consistent as possible. I protested that I did not intend an oath that bound me forever to any cause other than to the interest of our country, and I Edition: Now, suppose that, without ceasing to be a magistrate and still maintaining my rights of seniority, I go to America; fifteen months go by; the parties become clear in France; you see clearly which one is incompatible with the grandeur and tranquility of your country; you then return with a clear and decided opinion and free of any engagement with whomsoever in the world.

He breaks down government ametica a national, state, county and city level.

Tocqueville and Beaumont left for America on April 2, The following remarks on a famous work by Alexis de Tocqueville – were presented as a lecture to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Scholars Program at the University of Sydney, 24th April,