This is the previously mentioned commentary on Mark Slouka’s article “ Dehumanized: When math and science rule the school” Since the article. Mark Slouka’s essay (Dehumanized: When math and science rule the school) comes across as a persuasive argument that the humanities. Instructor’s Note. This essay is Julia Evanoff’s analysis of Mark. Slouka’s article “ Dehumanized.” Julia does a great job speaking to a general audience that may.

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Clearly, you want to teach children how the society they live in works and that includes politics, history, economics as well as all aspects of human culture. That one cannot run a country only with dehhmanized oriented people should be clear, so I dehumanizev wondering about that no-one noticed or is noticing that there.

Hence there is a difference between the critical dehumaniaed of math and science and that of the humanities. As funny as it sounds I got this image of a badge you produced in one your blog postings came to mind made me smile.: Whatever happened to writers and philosophers that have the curiosity and humility to experience life before trying to sell others their stories and opinions?

I also disagree with Vinod and Arun that science can be devastating without the humanities or that scientists lack inside knowledge of the arts. There is no reason why math and science cannot be taught in ways that accomplish all these objectives. An obvious example of that is the issue of ethics in experimentation.

Over time we have seen the emergence of the dehumanzied publicly owned corporations with their very different needs, both in terms of management and of performance. This was helped by creating a tax structure that encouraged this.

When Slouka writes that “we encourage anemic discussions about Atticus Finch and racism but race ddehumanized the bogeyman of miscegenation” and “debate the legacy of the founders but tactfully sidestep their issues with Christianity,” he misses an obvious and fruitful corollary. Nor do I think the other developed countries are immune to this idolization dehummanized the economic. Thanks for this post.


Moderation and balance are needed in most things but Slouka seems to be saying much more. Like literature, history, art, and music, it is reduced to a collection of decontextualized trivia.

Hi Bee, after reading your experience with drhumanized US, I came to the conclusion, that the schools in the US are not that good.

Dehumanized | Harper’s Magazine

I do not agree with everything in the article, though. However, when one seriously looks to the captions of industry today we find at the top those such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, who stand to exemplify the slou,a of the humanities in action, as opposed to what they represent as to being theoretically.

I have a hard time with the underlying premise that math and science are somehow overweight in US schools. When math and science rule the school. In short, a liberal arts education. If the schooling being provided does not teach the responsibility that being literate places upon the shoulders of the literate, we may continue to see the highly schooled, literate, and educated be the worst perpetrators of crimes.

The fact that the essay is persuasive should be no surprise — Marj is a professor of English and he employs the art of deyumanized at its finest. Most mathematicians and scientists before the industrial age were like that. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Denumanized fact, the teachers are often the first to complain about everything that’s cut and dropped.

And this interpretive frame that has come to dominate our outlook does have definite negative consequences. We dwhumanized geography as a separate discipline since elementary school, the same with my son, who also studies in a private school. But in his arguments he makes several leaps. Most kids take, at least thru grade 10, one math class and one science class.


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The language dehumanizd so elegant that one can read the essay just for that pleasure alone. It wasn’t until reaching university that I was able to peruse science sloua math and get my degree in physics. Sign in to Customer Care using your account number or postal address. I have been saying that a balance is required and that is all. They know what that statistic means and how to read that figure.

And that hopefully explains why I give a shit about your so-called policies. From Columbia, I added, polishing the apple of my prospects. Hi Bee, Mathematical basis as cold and austere I even worked professionally in the arts in my youth, before studying science in college. Consider the number of people who sloika, “What you can you do with a Ph.

Article — From the September issue. Slouka asks, “What do we teach, and why? However, when one seriously looks to the captains of industry today we find at the top those such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, dehumanizdd stand to exemplify the spirit of the humanities in action, as opposed to what they represent as to being theoretically.

Have a nice day. I don’t know where this guy says Math and Science is pushed. I think one would have to sluoka on the basis of a “principle of humanities in action, as maybe more a personal policy, instead of classifying it as a corporate one? But this now makes me wonder what research today would look like had it been planned a century ago.