Opere complete: Le giornate di Sodoma – Storielle e racconti · Other editions. Enlarge cover. by. Marquis de Sade,. Gianni Nicoletti (translator). Ispirato alla moda delle storie naturali settecentesche, Le giornate di Sodoma – terminato da Sade nel nel carcere della Bastiglia – -è una vera e . Le giornate di Sodoma. Front Cover. Donatien Alphonse François de Sade. Newton Bibliographic information. QR code for Le giornate di Sodoma.

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Return to Book Page. Preview — Le giornate di Sodoma by Marquis de Sade. Le giornate di Sodoma by Marquis de Sade. In un crescendo ossessivo, con un linguaggio che si fa annotazione e a volte frammento, il romanzo segue le vicende di quattro “libertini” e la loro paradossale sperimentazione di “sregolatezze” rigidamente regolate, di una lussuria senza freno ma non senza ordine.

PaperbackLe Fenici tascabilipages. Published October 31st by Guanda first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please ddi up. To ask other readers questions about Le giornate di Sodomaplease sign up. Has anyone seen the movie haha? Ana The movie is a cult classic and it was great.

Its an old one so give Pasolini the credit for making controversy in such early ages. Also, it is …more The movie is a cult classic and it was great. Also, it is suposed to be a political statement, not a glamour special effects movie. The story is told in a cold, political manner – which is highly sarcastic – because the movie is nothing but sodoka. In conclusion, it’s the kind of movie that makes you giiornate who was the insane person that had that idea of making such a film.

Glauconar Yue Original language is French, but there should be plenty English translations. See all 5 questions about Le giornate di Sodoma…. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Zelmire is an exceptionally beautiful name. View all 3 comments. View all 19 comments.

Opere complete: Le 120 giornate di Sodoma – Storielle e racconti

One of the things that I like most about good literature is its ability to break the confines of conventionalism. Literature, in that sense, is tantamount to being a libertine. This novel takes the reader to the darkest of the darkest corners of possible, degrading, violent, scatological behaviour. And yet, the fact that it creates a certain fascination that will not allow the reader to halt his or her reading the text, is an achievement in itself.

The Days of Sodom is a voyage of cruelty, t One of the things that I like most about good literature is its ability to break the confines of conventionalism.

The Days of Sodom is a voyage of cruelty, the same that the Marquis received on his end of the rainbow, and serves also as a dark reflection of his times.

Let us not forget that the times he had to live in were exceedingly dark, bloody, violent and quite monstruous in itself.

Let us not be fooled by our hurt sensibilities when we read this magnum opus. For it is one of humanity’s best texts, one of the most illuminating, and certainly one of the 20 or 30 books I would gladly take with me were I to live in a deserted island. View all 6 comments. Where the hell do I start. I hesitated before reading this book because I despise the concept of Libertinism and saw myself throwing my iphone across the room.


I do like Sade’s views on homosexuality and women’s sexual freedom. But the rest of his work is just a clusterfuck of coprophagia, pedophilia, homocide, incest, sodomy, torture, sacriligion, disembowling, rape, orgies, spilled seed and horribleness. With that being said, I read both Days of Sodom and La Philosophie dans le boudoir because I probably have some unresolved mental issues I have to work through, but in both books he unapologetically highlighted the monstrous side of humanity and not only ran with it but glorified it and gave it a name too libertinism To say I’ll ever pick up one of his books again would be an overzealous statement.

But I think it did an interesting job at showing us what libertinism is all about and why he was in jail most of his life. Thoroughly ridiculous and all the better for it. No-one can mix eroticism and horror like Sade, and here he is at his best. Definitely not for the faint of heart. So appalling you can’t put it down.

What is this horrible, frightening, unreadable novel about? The end of illusion, the end of hope, the end of confidence; the end of a century and its promises to mankind. Donatien de Sade has been called pornographer and philosopher, lunatic and intellectual, hero and criminal: Sade was much more than that. He was the spiritual offspring of a century, the 18th – the age of Enlightment and Darkness that began with the triumph of Reason and ended up with the apotheosis of Madness.

A tragi What is this horrible, frightening, unreadable novel about? A tragic adventure between two extremes: From Voltaire to Robespierre Sade’s life and work tell us the tale of how Reason devoured itself. Their plan is to spend four months – hence the days of the title – enjoying the pleasures of sex, food, wine and ferocity, surrounded by any sort of luxurious finesse. There will be no boundaries to their desires: As for the four Mistresses great-grandmothers of Toulouse-Lautrec’s decadent pimpsthey have been assigned the task of entertaining their Masters with the tale of their past life and professional experience, including all the weirdest sexual excesses they have been witnessing since childhood – thus exciting the Masters’ fantasy at the expense of their young slaves, upon whom the pervertions are immediately put into practice.

The tales become more and more violent, according to a plan in which any perversion described by the women is rigourously categorized. The logical conclusion will be the sacrifice of all ssde victims in a final orgy of blood and lust. Sade’s masterpiece is certainly an essay on sexual deviance that is still thoroughly analysed by psychiatrists, philosophers, criminologists In fact this book belongs to sodomw same line of Voltaire’s and Rousseau’s ‘philosophical novel’.

The Days of Sodom – Wikipedia

May God protect us from ourselves. Because Sade’s Masters are not demented hyenas giggling at the sight of humiliation and torture: They’re educated and cold-blooded intellectuals.

The narration is regularly interrupted by philosophical dialogues on religion, history, anthropology, science Sade depicts human beings who lack any sense of humanity; men whose Reason has murdered the Soul simply because it had become utterly useless.


Sade wrote this novel in his cell in the Bastille, where he had been imprisoned for his immoral behaviour. He saw the Parisian rioters and insurgent crowds, he heard the cannons and the agonizing victims of the Revolution, he shared their hopes and their hatred He was aware those desperate crowds were being used as cannon fodder by a sinister, greedy bourgeoisie waiting behind the barricades.

When the guillotine quenched its thirst for royal blood, it started to enjoy the blood of the poor and abused masses it was supposed to represent. This is what Sade saw through the barred window of his cell, preaching in vain like a modern Isaiah and writing his pages of blood and depravity.

This novel is an elegy to a stillborn child: Previously reviewed in French, see other edition View all 10 comments. This doesn’t mean it’s full of Urban language slang words, but it reads extremely well. And oddly enough this is the first time I’ve read “The Days of Sodom. It’s not precisely a turn-on type of book or even a ‘dirty book,’ but more of a work that deals with the structure and how it tells its tales. On one level, it’s a book that takes place in an imaginary landscape, especially regarding the castle that the action takes place.

One has to walk to the location, so therefore it is highly unlikely no one will come unannounced. Also, the four main libertines are a duke royaltya bishop religiona judge the law and a financier economy. After that, then we have groupings of family members, Harem of young girls, Harem of young boys, and Eight fuckers all well-hung men. It’s very much a stage-set with everyone in the story playing an essential role in a social structure. The sex is crazed and usually exposed in a frenzy mode of action, with lots of poop offerings of all sorts.

So it demeans people which is part of the turn-on but also to expose the power system in place as well.

Or at times, playing with the ‘role’ of power and it plays in a sexual context. For sure, Sade’s sodlma doesn’t read like a sex book, but more of a critique of overall power, family structure, and political power. It’s a dangerous book because it works on different levels. Very close to being an annotated edition, and readable. Burroughs novel, Sade’s work is very much a cousin to those works.

Burroughs and Burgess expose a system in place, and Sade did that a few centuries ago.

Anyone and everyone who isn’t easily shocked and a good deal of those who are. I was pleasantly surprised. For one, I wasn’t nearly as disturbed and disgusted as I was expecting to be although, to be fair, I had heard many things about how horrid it was.

How anyone can be shocked when there’s such a to-do about something, I don’t know. For two, it is by far the most interesting book I have ever read. Everything about it was interesting: