J Ethnopharmacol. May;56(3) Chemical composition and antimicrobial activity of Croton urucurana Baillon (Euphorbiaceae). Peres MT(1), Delle. Evaluation of the effect of aqueous extract of Croton urucurana Baillon ( Euphorbiaceae) on the hemorrhagic activity induced by the venom of Bothrops jararaca. Una ning gihulagway ni Henri Ernest Baillon. Ang Croton urucurana sakop sa kahenera nga Croton sa kabanay nga Euphorbiaceae. Pagka karon wala pay siak.

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Ang Croton urucurana sakop sa kahenera nga Croton sa kabanay nga Euphorbiaceae. Urucurzna of germination aid in selection and evaluation for emergence and vigour. The number of adult A. Field tests have confirmed their degradation and atoxicity from the fourth week onward Silva et al.

Medio standard error, LC Seedlings were more vigorous when seeds were stored for days in a cold uruchrana. The seedlings grown under greenhouse conditions had higher fresh and dry weights due to longer periods of evaluation, which allowed them to accumulate more mass than the seedlings maintained in growth chambers under alternating temperatures.

Sapindaceae against Aedes aegypti Diptera, Culicidae.

Dragon’s blood from Croton urucurana (Baill.) attenuates visceral nociception in mice.

Among the compounds tested, the leaf ethyl acetate fraction was considered less toxic, with LC 50 estimated in ppm and LC 95 in ppm Table 2. Nich seedlings decreased with seed storage time. Mortality of the workers of H. The artificial diet containing 2. Pyralidaepopularly known as Mediterranean flour moth is found worldwide, crotln in the stored grains as a flour uruckrana grain feeder: The fruits were collected in Februarystored under dry conditions in nylon sacks until their spontaneous opening released their seeds; this process took about 15 days.


Plantas medicinais no Brasil: Although innumerous species of the genus Croton Euphorbiaceae present several biological activities Peres et al.

Research carried out with different species has shown that decreases in germination and vigor are directly proportional to increases in solute release, and that conductivity evaluations are efficient for determining seed lot vigor.

Juss azadirachtin, salannin, and acetylgedunin, geduninthe crotoon representatives of the terpernoid class with insecticidal activity, have significant effect on the larvae and pupae of Cnaphalocrocis medinalis Lepidoptera: Termite resistance tests of hardwoods of Kochi growth.

Clerodane diterpenoids from Croton lechleri. Novel deoxyhydroxyphorbol diesters isolated from the seed oil of Jatropha curcas.

Concentrations used in the different bioassays from the crude extract and semipurified fractions of Croton urucurana. Hundreds of plant species have been studied in order to find out the active ingredient responsible for their insecticidal activity against the pests of economic importance.

Pesq Agropec Bras Journal Agricultural Food Chemistry 52 They tested this fraction in concentration of 1. Leaves and male flowers, plus the bark Photograph by: Trichogramma pretiosum parasitism of Pseudoplusia includens and Anticarsia gemmatalis eggs at different temperatures. Previous urucuranx studies on this fraction resulted in the isolation of the phenolic compounds catechin and gallocatechin, which played a role in the insecticidal activity Peres et al.

However, as the germination index was generally low, it may be that the thermal bands used here did not coincide with the species’ optimums.

Croton urucurana Images – Useful Tropical Plants

NN are the numbers of days following Maguire and Popinigis ; after each evaluation, two seedlings from each replication and treatment were evaluated to determine their fresh and dry weights. For the seedlings grown under greenhouse conditions, the lengths crotkn the aerial portions and the roots were also evaluated four weeks after the germination evaluations. Studies carried out with the extracts of Magonia pubescens Sapindaceae provided evidence that the action mechanisms and morphological changes leading to the death in A.


Croton urucurana Siyentipiko nga klasipikasyon Ginharian: Potencial germinativo de sementes de Dimorphandra mollis Benth. Departamento Nacional de Defesa Crotom, p. The pest termites of South America: Contrasting results of increases in the aerial portions were observed, however, in seeds stored under refrigeration, which indicates the maintenance of their vigor.

Ang Wikimedia Commons may mga payl yrucurana may kalabotan sa: The experimental delineation used was randomized, with six repetitions for each sample.

(Croton urucurana) SANGRE DE DRAGO ~ Original = (2194 x 2694)

Publisher Reference Publications; Michigan. Approximate digestibility ADwhich represented the percentage of ingested food that was effectively assimilated by the insect, was not significantly different Table 1.

The protein concentration in the extract was determined according to Bradford Search in Google Scholar. The gradual decrease in the germination percentages of seeds stored at room temperatures is clearly visible at the time of the third evaluation, and suggests that deterioration became more pronounced after this time.