ComponentArt Data Visualization for Silverlight is suite of controls for digital dashboards and development of data analysis applications. Hi, I am working on bar chart items where I want to click on bar item to drill down to the target. The objects recognised by test complete is. Ewav/Ewav/Assemblies/sualization. Ewav/Ewav/Assemblies/

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Cross-domain Policy One thing that you should never do is just deploy a global clientaccesspolicy.

C# (CSharp) ComponentArt Code Examples

A number of the call backs aren’t working. The PM was pretty excited about a feature just completed in Silverlight and one of the samples that compomentart been created. If you have existing Silverlight 2 applications that are deployed, I wanted to draw your attention to some action items if you Instead of getting this feedback only internally, I thought it would be good to help them get external feedback as well from people using our platforms.

Small public service announcement here for Silverlight developers…we released a minor update to the runtime and SDK today. The question, from blamborn was: One of the great things I like about some of our platform products is that they are building in extensibility more and more.

Three years ago I wrote about one of the first full-featured casual games built in Silverlight at the time Silverlight 1.

The Microsoft MVP Most Valuable Professional program is a recognition program that is in place to recognize and reward those individuals who have been identified by individuals peers, Microsoft staff, etc. Designer Series Part 1 of 5: When this happens, all the items dissappear from the dropdown, but no real webrequest happens to the server verified using IE9 f12 capturing network traffic. Want to view gigapixel images on your iPhone? Congratulations and thank you I prefer to just call it passion.


It shows some different usage of all the controls: And then clicked the button. I replied that you can use the same build task and thought I had written my work around on how to do that, but apparently I never clicked published somewhere along the line.

Could not load file or assembly. However if I hit backspace and delete a few characters the server call happens again. ScriptSharp seems to be incompatible with ComponentArt Treeview, how to fix it?

Lots of good stuff for developers from client to server! All was well until I put the page componntart the grid inside a Christopher Husse has done just that.

Tim Heuer’s Blog – silverlight

SerializableAttribute’ exists in both ComponentArt. Disabling controls causes strange error I am attempting to disable controls on an ASP. I just saw two links that I simply have to promote as they are very helpful to people doing Silverlight development and one specifically with ASP.

Often times in samples, we I do this.


Am I aiming right by looking into the above Class Names and If I am then what are the methods I need to try to make my script click on the bar objects?


Also, look at OpenFileDialog in conjunction with uploading files via Silverlight 2 applications. Since MIX10, Visual Studio has released in final form and the phone developer silverligh team has been working to get a working version finalized. I do, however, see the point about wanting to set simple properties componentxrt it just looks a little verbose. My friend Joel Neubeck is doing a survey on his site about what patterns people prefer for Silverlight development.

I was fortunate enough to be asked to kick-off the conference talking about building RIAs with Silverlight 2. Ribbon controls were also provided to the WPF Toolkit, but are not covered here. Being curious about all the WordPress love, I decided to start checking it out. Apparently Jeff saved his largest one for an avalanche of knowledge on Twitter in the late afternoon.

NET DA user group meeting on.

for Silverlight from ComponentArt

Will I see you there? I am interested mainly on finding a grid control, a tabstrip control, a menu control and a treeview control Do you know any company In summary, the SLS service is being discontinued.

One of the goals of new versions of Silverlight is to be be backward compatible with previous versions. The contest seems relatively simple: