I’ve just finished reading anthropologist Boellstorff’s account of two years of fieldwork within Second Life ‘Coming of Age in Second Life. Coming of Age in Second Life: An Anthropologist Explores the Virtually Human [ Tom Boellstorff] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Millions. Coming of Age in Second Life has ratings and 25 reviews. Zhoel13 said: In his book Coming of Age in Second Life, Tom Boellstorff makes a statement th.

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I had to read it for my anthropology class Material Culture. Ella on What does secohd have to…. I simply disagree and would argue that books have been doing this for conservatively hundreds of years. Many residents had more than one account so actual and SL selves not necessarily coterminous. In SL you can find friends and lovers, attend weddings, buy and sell property: I was a little upset that more time wasn’t spent on race and gender, but even Boellstorff mentions that at the time of his writing, there weren’t many studies bboellstorff focused on race in virtual worlds.

History [of Virtual Worlds], pp. Feb 10, Travis Wagner rated it it was amazing.

Coming of Age in Second Life: An Anthropologist Explores the Virtually Human by Tom Boellstorff

The money, for example, created to simplify and secure business transactions in an expanding commercial world, has boellstofrf today coning main means of speculation and manipulation that humans use in a game of power to exploit other humans. This is a bizarre book, not for its subject matter but for the degree to which Boellstorff seems intent on reproducing Margaret Mead’s approach boellsrorff Samoa–treating Second Life as a bounded cultural isolate, worthy of understanding in its own terms.

Through his knowledge and charismatic voice, he takes the reader with him on his journey from the beginning in a true Coming of Age fashion. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Tom Boellstorff might have not discovered fire with his enjoyable foray into Borllstorff Life and his analysis leaves a lot to be desired but the book still stands as a thoroughly enjoyable read for academics and non-academics alike as well as a perfect facile introduction to the immense potential of digital anthropology.

Linden went from SL as object- to property-based economy.


We are living right now a time of llife and geopolitical crises that appear all around our planet, and I suspect this ability of human to believe on virtual things more than natural things to take a main part in the origin of all these crises.

Just as Mead discovered Samoa for generations of Americans, so TB hopes to discover and validate SL, and just as Malinowksi demonstrated the importance of participant observation, so too does TB want to re validate its relevance in studying virtual worlds. First post Chapter 1.

Second Life/Boellstorff (2008)/Coming of age in Second Life and coming of age in First Live

Within the first sub-section, Boellstorff underlines the importance of the visual aspects of Second Life and how a sense of place, comimg through landscape and home-ownership, is fundamental to residents. Takes issue with previous Internet ethnographies eg. At the time of writing audio chat was not incorporated into SL. He notes, “In this book I have examined one such virtual world for what it can teach us about what it means to be virtually human” p.

This is a really fascinating book because the topic is not something that you would expect to read an anthropological analysis of.

Otherwise, I found the book very interesting and informative and it would make a good read for anyone interested in anthropology or virtual reality. Borrowing title and theory from classical anthropology the author gives us a complex ethnography in the digital medium in perhaps one of the ‘digital worlds’, to paraphrase the book, most suited for classical anthropological pursuits.

I would have liked to have seen more of a focus on the cultural history of American responses to consumerism and notions of authenticity, since this would have given a more precise understanding of the specific milieu TB is working on… if, that is, we knew for certain that his research subjects were American. He expertly discusses different issues in virtual worlds, This is a really fascinating book because the topic is not something that you would expect to read an anthropological analysis of.

He points out that culture and the particular rules we follow in a society are no less artificial than those in a virtual world and that the relationships in SL are real because there is communication and emotion.

Coming of Age in Second Life: An Anthropologist Explores the Virtually Human

If I were confined to a bed, socially isolated, or stuck in a truly miserable job with plenty of free time at my desk, or if I wanted to have a virtual affair, I suppose Second Life Before I read Boellstorff, I registered for Second Life and spent a few hours in the last week just to see what it was about.

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This mode of inquiry also shows that we must pay more heed to the mundane in virtual worlds and less to the sensational.

Second Life SL has attracted tons of press in recent years as the virtual world that challenges our notions of what virtual worlds are and how they operate and TB, a mid-career anthropologist with an established and growing track record, was exactly the person to study it. All of this added up to a spectacular opportunity to fail, but TB rose to the challenge and wrote a book that is worthy of the conjuncture of events in which it was written. Also, second live never disappears so such the server that contain data exist and stay accessible.

Interesting study of the author’s experiences in Second Life. And what of gnosis and phronesis?

Log In Sign Up. That’s techne, and that seams incredible, but the universe itself would be made of a blend of three different particles. Hardcoverpages. The most obvious instance for me is in his discussion on gender and race Six ways of doing digital….

Workshop in Media An… on Now online: Am I not getting this? Jun 28, Mills College Library added it. Mister Tom Boellstorff, Professor Tom Boellstorff and the avatar Tom Bukowski are the same entity and the behavior of this entity change according to the constraints and resources posed by time and place. Not messing about with unsightly MUDs, websites and forums or with the quintessentially gamified ‘Worlds’ of MMORPGs, Boellstorff sets hiself up as boellstorft virtual Malinowski, stepping on a virgin virtual beach, notepad in hand.

He llife many times in his prose th I continue to broaden my reading in internet studies. Harper question into the framework posed and Row. Skip to main content. Social inequality took on many forms. This gives corp unprecedented influence over residents. Millions of people around the world today spend portions of their lives in online virtual worlds.