Catálogo de Sêlos de Brasil (Portuguese) – with price indication . Portugal. StampsPortugal (Portuguese/English) – Stamps till , with Afinsa and Scott. 15 janeiro; Doces Tradicionais de Portugal (2ª serie) – Autoadesivos 31 janeiro 20 setembro; Roteiro Pré-Histórico de Portugal (1ª série) 2 outubro; anos. Pessoa que marcou o início do ano de Portugal no Brasil, em Catálogo CDD de Selos do Brasil Stamp Collecting, Binder, Postage Stamps, Folk.

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My wife says this is fate and the catalogue and I are destined to be together The migration of the Black Panther: I honestly hadn’t realised how many I had until I compiled this list and I had forgotten to include the three volume “Comprehensive” Australian Stamp Cataloque set.


You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics catzlogo this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum. I like to collect by watermark differences, perf differences and more-observable shades. Bored with life or work? Stamps issued for most countries up to late – and in some cases early – are listed. Phil, you are quoting my very lortugal message of September Sun Nov 23, Handy size – x mm 6.


Excellent, full color catalogs printed on glossy paper with info in both Greek and English.

I guess I can play along. Thankfully neither the Brusden-Whites or the Campbell-Patersons were damaged while sitting out among the elements. The Part1 gets lots of use for Commonwealth countries going right back. Now if only Mexico had a similar catalog I’d be so happy.

Dia do Paleontólogo – Novidades – Sociedade Brasileira de Paleontologia

Want to thank Glen for hooking me up with the Brusden-Whites, and for packaging them well, as the postman left the parcels on the open-air stoop at my front door, and the rain was bucketing down pretty heavily. Canadian Fancy Cancellations of the Nineteenth Century. There;s a few others, but cataloyo used as much.

Perhaps for good reasons. Thu Jul 11, But yes I was more than a little upset with how the postman left the packages, especially since they were supposed to have been signed for. Tue Porthgal 22, Total cost was only 60 Euros including shipping to the USA.

Tue Apr 12, And a pic of my specialized catalog library, so far. I believe the first colour Michels for overseas started in and they are still very pricey. Thu Sep 26, I have the following: Two more nations checked off the list for specialized catalogs. Apart from Germany I dont collect anything after about so these cover my needs at the moment: Yes pookie it has grown a little and it’s not half obvious that my interests lie predominately within Australian issues.


If you have the curiosity to compare catalogues, it’s possible to download a Scott’s world stamps catalogue of under Creative Commons cagalogo. Mon Apr 11, Catalogues, journals and reference books. I have the following catalogues How to cite this article.

Yes, I do collect worldwide. I find it striking and revealing that no one mentions Porhugal et Tellier. The Last Stamps of Newfoundland. I added this to an ebay sale of some old albums and European stamps that went to Germany. Overall a nice little investment in my philatelic library that will give me years of use as I build up my collections in these areas.

A Complete Annotated Reference Guide. At least it was better than the package from C-P which had the NZ stamps on the outside, they were pretty much ruined between water, rubbing against other packages and less than careful handling by the postal people.