Success and failure of carnation crop depends upon the selection of cuttings for planting. The stem tip cuttings must be of good diameter and. Carnation Flower Growing: Introduction to Carnation Flower Growing: Carnations are great winter season flowers and they can be cultivated as cut flowers. This topic provides information about Carnation production practices. It is advisable to take up cultivation of several colours in a single polyhouse of carnation.

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Before planting, place 7. Infected ppolyhouse wilt and die quickly. Support Material Carnation crop has the tendency to bend unless supported properly. Take recommended amount of fertilizers and then dissolve them in the adequate amount of water. Grading and packing in carnation. Amar Sawant is an entrepreneur, farmer, and writer.

In the first phases of development and growth, humidity should be kept around 80 to 85 percent. Selection of cultivars like Epson, Palmir fultivation. Black spot Alternaria dianthi: Wash the dirt and eliminate extra nutrients. If possible, have the soil analyzed every Two or Three weeks to determine whether it is essential to alter the fertilization ni.

The pinching process starts three months after planting. The perfect water EC during generative growth must be approximately 1.

Cultivatipn — Tank Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. This can also be reduced by placing a rubber band or 6mm wide clear plastic tape is used around the calyx of the flowers which are just start opening.


The disease is characterized by appearance of round purplish spots on the leaves, enlarging slowly with brownish black centre having sporulation. Thus, operate drip irrigation method for the prescribed time.

Wrapping the cut carnation flower in c. India has the excellent prospect of developing good quality carnation.

Carnation cultivation guide (2018)

The fungus causes a brown rotting and blighting of affected tissues. This is controlled by not mixing the flowers with vegetables and fruits during storage and transit. Pinching is a significant cultural performance at the successful creation of excellent quality carnations.

Varying temperature and environmental conditions also influences calyx splitting. Rotting of the stem below floor level with inner brown streaking extending around the stem.

Carnation Cultivation in Greenhouse | Agri Farming

The leaf tissues surrounding this spot turn cultivaiton, severe infection leads to premature death of the leaves. A profitable business for rural peopel Production technology for healthy planting material of 5 major cut flowers Four important diseases of rose and their Management Rose Cultivation Techniques Cultivation of cutflower- Dutch Rose.

Harvesting of Carnation crop: Plant the rooted cuttings as shallow as possible. Fusarium Stem rot and wilt: Spores resembling black specks grow randomly in the middle of stains. Carnation petals cup upwards and do not open.

Carnation Cultivation In Polyhouse Pdf – Asia Farming

Aphids may be responsible for the transmission Of viruses. Red Spider Mite feed on the undersides of their leaves, suck the sap and the leaves turn pale, withered, bronze and also reveal severe webbing. Kamar, Sablia, Sagres, Shanteng.


Whitish tan colored stains up to 5 millimeters in diameter surrounded by a narrow reddish purple margin. Subsequently clean water for one weekly, no fertilizers. High night and day temperatures, especially during flowering, contributes to abnormal blossom opening and calyx splitting. Commercially used Floral Preservatives.

These carnation have shorter stems and greater production than spray varieties. Optimum soil pH is 6. They suck sap from the leaves which results in tiny yellow or white speckles. Across the bed, nylon wires are woven like net.

Subscribe to our Newsletter! Maintaining optimal pest and disease control can be achieved by keeping regular preventative spraying program. Ideal requirements for planting- hot, humid and a quite bright climate.

Wet conditions, over watering and poorly drained culrivation prefer developments of this illness. Post harvest Treatment Citric acid is added to water to make the pH 4. Water logging would cause deprival of oxygen to plants. For this, the flowers have to be packed in cartons lined with polyethylene film.

After this occurs, stems bend and harvest losses are unavoidable. Commercial Mushroom Cultivation guide Growing region wise Varieties of carnation.