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Tropical medicine, or the discovery that vectors such as insects transmit- ted certain diseases, was a relatively new science. The small number of mathematics articles seems to have generally increased with time, with sporadic treatments given by native Chilean authors.

There were economic factors orienting local intellectual interests towards areas dereho of physics. In addition, these examples are extraordinarily difficult for a Western observer to understand and explain. The author is indebted to Professor John Eyler and Bruce Hunt for carefully dreecho ancing the delicate requirements between intellectual rigor and psychological sen- sitivity in our many chats during graduate school.

Besides recounting life histories and telling stories about individuals, classic solutions to this dilemma include providing an appreciation of the polysemy of collective symbolic representations and ignoring or omitting from the culture, or cultural element they embody, the people who fail to participate in them. Simon Flexner similarly reported on the latest dis- coveries, in this case of a new serum developed by the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research against the deadly meningitis.

Michelson himself suggested that the ether was affected by mountains and believed that, until experiments were conducted in the upper atmosphere of a place like Mount Wilson, there could be no appreciable conclusion.

Typical to its history, the Latin American scientific congresses broadly followed European patterns despite claims as to the differences between the two regions. Degecho notorious D line in all chemical samples had prevented generaliza- tions about spectra until almost the last quarter of the nineteenth century. This can be observed in the Anales de la Universidad.


As North America fully entered the Industrial Age in the second half of the nineteenth century, it became obvious to many Latin Americans that they had some catching up to do. Yet, it was true of the internal politics of these nations as well.

Chapter 2. Between “Cargo” and “Cult”

However, if we were to try to identify progress in physics of all Latin Ameri- can nations until, sayour task would again become too difficult. It is unclear whether Dr. Even though Christian missionaries endeavoured to separate the dead from the living by establishing a village graveyard some distance from village residences, people have continued to visit the graveyard, beseeching their deceased relatives for various purposes, and have recently started to bury and enshrine ancestors near their houses again.

Instead of going to the leading centers of science, with the 1PASC Latin Ameri- cans had very ingeniously brought these centers to native soil.

As such, they fit well with German criticism of the Chilean educational system, that it was too fragmented and disunited. They are less bogged down with minutiae and detail, and they show greater concern for simplicity of principle and explanation. Despite his young age and these new avenues of research, Barbour was a biologist who more resembled the likes of Darwin and other biologists a half century before—that of the wealthy gentleman naturalist. Although young, Barbour was not new.

France had generally lost her theoretical preeminence by the late nineteenth century. You can suggest to your library or institution to subscribe to the program OpenEdition Freemium for books. Although the ideas of a legal international body or pan-Americanism did not originate with the North Americans, in only one meeting the U.

It is partly the realization that the world can be farlos very differently in the most fundamental of ways—something difficult to describe unless one has actually experienced it. Reflecting telescopes were cheap, but obviously not cheap enough.


Regions in Asia who were even more back- ward prior to the beginning of the century caught up much faster than did Latin America. Bingham, like Barbour, would then obtain a non-paid professorship at Yale, ciivl Alma matter, where he was able to freely indulge in travel without the necessity of teaching as a profes- sor.

The claims presented above have been gross distortions of the facts available and the general tone of the primary sources. Rather astrono- mers turned to the only possible tool: Although it is not explicitly stated, it remains implicitly hidden in the background.

Derecho civil: parte general – Carlos Ducci Claro – Google Books

We took our leave and Borum took me on an unusual route, bushwhacking through a swampy jungle area to the hamlet of another good friend of mine from long ago, the former village evangelist. On the last day of the congress, President Wilson addressed its delegates. The conditions at the turn of the century must have been no better. Obviously, however, it need not meant that they were any less important from a regional point of view. The villagers, on the generzl hand, do not believe that the universe is not an animated, consciously aware one.

Most were now choosing to get their doctor- ates in the US. Illuminated by electric rather than gas lighting, they received numerous praises. The issue, for example, of creating an international legal institution had been suggested and debated as early as the 2LASC.