Johannes Calvijn’s Institutie, of Onderwijzing in de christelijke , Volume 1. By Johannes Calvijn. About this book. Terms of Service. Johannes Calvijn’s Institutie, of Onderwijzing in de christelijke , Volume 3. By Johannes Calvijn. About this book. Terms of Service. Offered in Catawiki’s Book Auction (Pre): Johannes Calvijn – Institutie ofte Onderwijsinge inde Christelicke Religie – Theology.

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This article, however, is restricted to a summary of the legacy of John Calvinthe Reformer from Geneva and spiritual father leader of reformed churches. In addition, faith, as the means whereby the believer accepts God’s salvation out of grace and not a worthy task, plays a key role in all three – a reflection of sola gratia and sola fide.

Reformation implies that man takes God and his Word seriously; that man through the Word and Spirit of God learned to know Christ as the resurrection and life.

For Calvin, the Word was more than simply the living Word of sermons. The deference for the principle of sola scriptura is also apparent in article 48 of the DRC CO as far as public worship is concerned. The Bible is the first and the confessions the second norm of the DRC – a second norm which should be based on the Bible.

The said South African churches accept the Three Formulas of Unity as confessions of faith and view their church orders as a modern version of the Dordt Church Order – adapted to the demands of the time.

A problem with traces of the Reformation in the DRC CO is that successive General Synods, which can alter the Church Order, do not address these in a unanimous and consciously reformational or Dordt-orientated way. God instituhie Father decides and rules over man’s salvation and obedience; salvation is mediated by Christ as the mediator and Redeemer who as God also becomes man, dies and resurrects, and God the Holy Spirit effects redemption and new life in Christ through the Word cf.


They view themselves as Calvinists or Reformational valvijn they adhere to former ideas. Institutie of onderwijzing in de christelijke godsdienst.

The question now is: The five so-called solasnamely sola gratia [by grace alone], sola scriptura [by Scripture alone], sola fidei [by faith alone], solus christus [Christ alone] and soli Deo gloria [glory to God alone], are widely accepted as key expressions of the convictions of the Reformation.

And although he doubts Barth’s understanding and usage of the Scriptures and confessions in his context, he supports Barth’s plea for a fourth approach: The administration of the sacraments occurs within public xalvijn and thus officially under ecclesiastic supervision.

This is about belief in the Triune God rather than belief in the valuable elements of creation which the three Persons of God each achieve. Insttiutie Gebruikersportaal Snelcursus Hulp en contact Donaties. However, these two solas as inextricably linked to the other solas.

Against this background the Synodical Commission on Doctrine and Current Affairs instihutie the General Synod of the Dutch Reformed Church or DRC rightly mentions in its report to the Synod that these five solas are a concise way of expressing the key issues of being reformational – a clear current in the Reformation NGK []: For him, theology is biblical exegesis.

This implies an office-determined not congregation-determined, as should be the case in the context of a reformational church number of ministers in congregations as against an equal number of elders and deacons.

What enhanced the impact of this Dordrecht Synod in cxlvijn 17th century was that, as a National Dutch Synod, it was also an ecumenical synod with the drawing up of the CD. At first glance, this article abounds in reformational traces.

SciELO South Africa –

This implies that a confession-oriented ministry of the Word is also oriented to Scripture or sola scriptura. However, God reveals himself to mankind in Christ. Jonker correctly calls Calvin the theologian of the Holy Spirit.


Protestant Churches is nevertheless a collective noun referring to churches coming instifutie of the Reformation.

Often, this supervision requires the faith and individual choice of the person who takes communion because the DRC has practically removed its church councils from its supervision and control in this regard Strauss In de loop der jaren heeft Calvijn zijn werk regelmatig aangepast en uitgebreid. With reference to Scripture as norma normans [the first norm] and the confessions of faith as norma normata [the second norm as based on the Bible], Kruger et al.

How to cite this article. Calvijn had de Institutie mede geschreven doordat hij op dat moment diep geschokt was door de maatregelen die in zijn geboorteland Frankrijk tegen de protestanten hugenoten genomen werden.

They thus use the Reformation selectively and apologetically. For Spoelstra, the signing of the confessions of faith is also the signing of the correct ‘ leer ‘ [doctrine]. Hij schreef de eerste versie van het boek op jonge leeftijd: This would later cause problems and schism in the church De Jong Articles 53 and 54 address the endorsing and signing of the Three Formularies by ministers, professors, elders and deacons Kruger et al. calvijm

Johannes Calvijn’s Institutie, of Onderwijzing in de christelijke …, Volume 1

Instituttie as the only Redeemer was promised in the Old Testament and this promise was fulfilled in the New Testament according to the sola scriptura. For the RCSA the acceptance of the DCO, as adapted to contemporary circumstances, means that it follows in the footsteps of the Reformation and Calvin as far as church orders are concerned.

In Wesel, for example, ministers insritutie expected to verbally declare their agreement with the Two Formularies. Weergaven Lezen Bewerken Geschiedenis.