Sunstroke: Selected Stories [Ivan Bunin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. ”The Gentleman from San Francisco” is easily the best known of . The Sunstroke: Selected Stories of Ivan Bunin Community Note includes chapter- by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context. Finding the best translation for the concluding part of Ivan Bunin’s Sunstroke.

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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Denis Kudryashov rated it really liked it Mar 13, Want to Read Currently Reading Read. With Volgian flair the steamer traced a wide, impetuous arc and sped toward a small landing. Just like yesterday there was a soft thud upon the ramp and a light dizziness from the instability underfoot, then the flying tail, the rumble of the water brewing and streaming ahead, under the wheels of the slightly retreating steamer.

The lieutenant gave him five rubles too, took the ticket and walked onto the landing.

Bunin’s “Sunstroke” | TextEtc Blog

The lieutenant has grown up and feels more mature and confident. And he felt that now, he simply lacked the strength to look at that bed. Nov 19, Agata Zienkiewicz rated it it was amazing. But, where could he go? Lists with This Book. The Works by I. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ahead of it, the dark summer sunset was becoming extinguished, sunstrkke, dreamily and diversifiedly reflected in the river, showing patches glimmering with tremulous ripples in the distance under the sunset, and the flames scattering in the darkness round the steamer were receding and receding.

And the crowds on the steamer, which was lit up already and wafting the smells of cooking, made everything seem remarkably welcoming and good. Xunstroke to Book Page. The ship had gained too much speed, hitting the dimly lit landing with a soft thud, and they nearly fell on sknstroke another.


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Unlike some modern Russian authors, he really has the gift which Gorkys and Chekhovs possessed. List of poems List of short stories.

Works by Ivan Bunin. He drank several glasses of vodka, chasing it with lightly salted pickles and dill, and feeling that he would in an instant choose to die tomorrow if he could just by some miracle bring her back, spend another day—spend it just so.

There are other possibilities, but we ought to first see how the ten years is previously mentioned. The inner band of his hat was soaked with sweat, his bjnin was ablaze. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. He went to the cathedral where they were singing, it was already loud, gay, and emphatic, a consciousness of duty fulfilled.

Photograph via Flickr by EP Holcomb.

List of short stories by Ivan Bunin

The epaulettes and the buttons of his tunic were scalding hot, so much that it hurt to touch them. She sailed away—at this point she is far, sitting, probably, in the white glass saloon or on deck, looking at that enormous river glistening under the sun, the oncoming rafts, the yellow sandbanks, and the water and sky glowing into the distance, that entire immeasurable expanse of the Volga.

I have loved Bunin since first discovering him while studying in Russia. At eight [in the evening] Bunin started reading his finely written story about mother and son.

I must have blacked out, been under some sort of spell.

Selected Stories by Ivan Bunin. Again, she touched her hot cheek with the back of her hand.


It was too bizarre, unnatural, unbelievable! And both yesterday and that entire day seemed like they were ten years ago. Other stories strip away characters’ defenses with elegance and precision: The lieutenant sat under cover on deck, conscious of having aged ten years.

They rode uphill, a slight incline amidst sparse, crooked lamp posts, the road soft with dust—the ascent seemed infinite. Sunstroke by Ivan Bunin 6 84 Mar 12, Instead these stories are primarily shaped by an urge to express both the intense, sensual pleasure of existence and the tragic fleetingness of life.

And suddenly he got up again, took his cap and his swagger stick, asked for directions to the post office and walked there in a hurry, having already composed a telegram: The lieutenant sat beneath an awning on the deck, feeling that he had aged ten years. Silver rated it really liked it Jan 04, May 11, Amaan Ahmad rated it liked it. Ivan Bunin is a very talented writer of the modern Russian literature.

Lawrence, can be read as an allegory on the falsity of bourgeois civilization, which here entails a disconnect from nature vunin real life. The dark summer dusk was dying out far ahead, reflecting in the river gloomily, sleepily and in an array of colors, the river still somewhat glowing with ripples, trembling in the distance under it, under this dusk, and the lights swimming and swimming backwards, scattered in the surrounding darkness.

Sep 01, Olga rated it it was amazing.