Bouvardia ternifolia, Firecracker Bush, Shrub,, San Marcos Growers. Family. Rubiaceae. Botanical Name. BOUVARDIA ternifolia. Plant Common Name. Firecrackerbush, Scarlet Bouvardia, Scarlet trompetilla. General Description. Hummingbird Flower (Bouvardia ternifolia) A never-ending display of brilliant saffron orange is brought forth to any sunny window or.

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Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center – The University of Texas at Austin

The specific epithet comes from the Latin words ‘terni’ meaning 3 and ‘folia’ meaning leaf in reference to the leaves that are typically held in 3s in a whorl.

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Hummingbird Mint is an herbaceous perennial with violet-blue spikes of flowers. Flowers 2 inches long Fruit: The name for the genus honors Charles Bouvard the superintendent of the Jardin du Roin in Paris.

But first, we need you to sign in to PBS using one of the services below. You Might Also Like Left. Hearts of Gold Redbud Cercis canadensis. Sago Palm – Cycas revoluta Sago Palm has palm-like leaves but is not a true palm It has dark green, narrowly egg-shaped leaves. Bouvardia splendens Graham Bouvardia tolucana Hook. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Incense Passion Flower has inch deep purple blooms. For printable version click here. The flowers are arranged in clusters at the ends of the numerous erect branches. Plant in full to part sun in well-drained neutral to acid soil and in an open area with good air circulation. One of the hardiest passion vines. Learn More about PBS online sponsorship.

Creating an account buovardia free and gets you: Before you submit an error, please consult our Troubleshooting Guide. Group 2 Shop Has dropdown. Part Shade Soil Moisture: Search Google for Bouvardia ternifolia.

Whorled with per node, sessile or short-petiolate, glabrous or velvety, cm long; blades ovate to lanceolate, apices acuminate to long-attenuate, margins scabrous; stipular sheath long-cuspidate to multi-aristate.

Go To Encyclopedia of Life Log In New Account Ternitolia. Korean Feather Reed Grass is an ornamental grass with pinkish tinged plumes in summer. Hummingbirds love the flowers as they provide nectar for feeding.

Copied to your clipboard Unable to copy. The spectacular red corolla attracts, and provides nectar for, hummingbirds.


Clusters of these eye-catching blooms appear on the growing tips. DempsterCarter Notify me when this product’s price changes. Bender Search More Titles in Bibliography.

Plant of the Week Firecracker Bush Bouvardia ternifolia

Best of all, after a hard pruning, they bokvardia come back into flower. Among boulders and rimrock of dry mt. Bryce shares simple ways to protect less hardy plants from the cold Clip 2m 15s checkmark Add to Watchlist. Many cultivars of fig grow well in North Carolina and the fruit is edible.

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Not Available Seed Treatment: Houstonia coccinea Andrews Bouvardia triphylla Salisb.