Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir [Paul Monette] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This tender and lyrical memoir (New York Times Book. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. “Wrenching in its detail, this account of the author’s Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir by [Monette, Paul]. ( National Book Award for Nonfiction); Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir ( ). Paul Landry Monette (October 16, – February 10, ) was an American author, poet.

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Borrowed Time

They are falling like good old soldiers one by one to AIDS. Not that freedom alone will serve it up: Half a Life Storytells of his life in the closet before coming out, culminating with his meeting Horwitz in Monette was born in Lawrence, Massachusettsand graduated from Phillips Academy in and Yale University in Paul and Roger were privileged and well-educated.

Borrowed Time brings it all back. His early novels generally begin where most coming-out novels end; his protagonists have already come to terms with their sexuality long before the novels’ projected time frames. Also during his late twenties, he grew disillusioned with poetry and shifted his interest to the novel, not to return to poetry until the s.

I was caught up in a very difficult marriage, child birth and then divorce. University of Wisconsin Press.

Paul Monette

At midnight Cesar would murmur about the guests who had settled in: It’s like being helpless and clueless amidst a medical catastrophe. My office was heavily involved rime reporting of the first AIDS cases though I was only a child when all this was happeningso it borrwed interesting to read the stories tiem in this memoir and relate them back to tales that I’ve heard from my co-workers from that time.

The truest love story. What was also so beautiful was that this was as much a story about the incredible love between Paul and Roger P “What am I going to do without him? In retrospect, I suppose this establishes a sense of community, this outpouring of support in a historical time of darkness.


I know it’s hokey, but I felt as if I knew Paul and Roger both, and I felt some grief knowing that one died when I was in middle school and the other when I was in kindergarten.

Other editions omnette View all Borrowed Time: Jan 22, Sascha rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: This was clearly the norm amongst gay men in the AIDS crisis. To love is to stand a chance of losing.

Paul Monette – Wikipedia

It’s a very good picture of the AIDS realities during the 80’s, the marginalization of the gay population, and the real horror that was so present at this borrowde. Place Published New York.

We are not yet free. It is the most signifiant book I have ever read.

This was on a friend’s list, and since I love memoirs, I picked it up at the library. On Brink of Summer’s End http: InMonette and Horwitz moved to Los Angeles.

With this book, I was paralyzed with dread and could not tear my eyes away, and during the last chapters I literally wept. For example at that time here in the Philippines, tine somebody died mysteriously you would hear whispers that probably the person especially unattached men was gay and he died of AIDS and people would cower in fear to the extent of not going near his deathbed or even his sealed coffin. He introduces too many friends and loved ones, popping in to show their concern and support for Roger.

Still the mpnette is quite lucky to have two sets of surviving and enlightened parents and family and friends to rely on. Quotes from Borrowed Time: I teared up and cried numerous tmie.

Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir by Paul Monette

Conflicted about his sexual orientationhe moved to Boston, Massachusettswhere he taught writing and literature at Milton Academy. Retrieved from ” https: Five years after the first AIDS cases, and treatments were incredibly primitive. They were able to spread the word and help others and in this way they contributed to the progress of the development of the treatment that keeps people alive today, but thirty years on we are still fighting the ‘war’ for access to treatment and so many people in countries with weak health systems are still dying.


With acceptance speech by Monette. It’s an incredibly brave move, especially considering the turmoil it caused for Monette: Paul Monette and his beloved partner Roger Horwitz are gone along with 36 million others but 35 million are still alive and living with HIV, and the millions that are dead should spur us to keep alive the millions who are still with us.

Just fifteen months between Roger’s beginning suramin treatment and me on ribavirin.

In he moved to West Hollywood with his romantic partner, lawyer Roger Horwitz November 22, — October 22, Essays Too Personal and Otherwise. There are so many, that they seem to blur together into a veritable cyclone of homosexuals Hurricane Cher, if you willtouching down in the memoir sporadically, and distracting me.

The author is now himself passed in it is amazing to have this account of one couple’s fight at a time when social services were non-existant and the stigma about HIV was perhaps at it’s height. View all 7 comments. During a critique session, someone in my writing group asked moonette about my motivation for my novel-in-progress. Borrowed Time traces this love story from start to tragic finish. The context couldn’t be more foreign to me- Gay intellectuals of ‘s I cried a lot, but now I’m going to move on and try to celebrate the little victories.