Bob Hoffman and Dr. Ziegler convinced Louis Riecke to act as a subject for the testing of the Functional Isometric Contraction system of training. Muscle contraction pdf – powered movements in muscle contraction. isometric muscle contraction pdf smooth muscle contraction pdf. Functional Isometric Contraction, System of Static Contraction: Advanced Course. Front Cover. Bob Bob Hoffman Foundation, – Calisthenics – 26 pages.

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This may take hours of rest between training periods. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. More muscle tension can be exerted by Functional Isometric Contraction than by contraction, where by short means hofdman movement the muscle is allowed to shorten and work. The Development of the Theory and the Application of Functional Isometric Contraction The theory and application of Functional Isometric Contraction is contrzction result of the combined efforts, the experience and the thinking of five men who were brought together by their mutual interest in the process of developing muscular strength.

Although the Hoffman Isometric-Isotonic Super Power Rack is primarily designed to build great strength, the maximum of strength, development and athletic ability.

It offers advantages to those who are satisfied with only a little physical benefit, for they can make pleasing gains with only a little time and a little effort.

They usually exercise some of the muscle groups too much, neglect others.

With this method of training, you train twice as many times, although the Functional Isometric Contraction and Isometric Training with weights are easy training days. They risked their reputations as weightlifters.


With the usual training system you practice many exercises and perform many of them in sets. This old method is time consuming, tiring and requires a considerable period of recuperation between training sessions. This system was developed from the newest discoveries concerning cell growth, tissue and muscle building, yet it contains training principles which have actually been secret methods used by some isometroc the world’s greatest strong men and the world’s greatest specimens.


This sensational improvement made by Louis Riecke can be made by all other lifters who follow this new system of training, the Isometric Contraction System, combined with weight lifting training. Be the first to review this item Amazon Best Sellers Rank: You get out of isotonic exercise what you put into your training. It applies force where force is needed. All good lifters will be using this system in the near future, certainly in the next two years.

There must be a uoffman effort to work against more and more weight resistance. Drury and Al Roy prophesy that all world records will be broken within two years. Only with fknctional can you accurately measure the effort you are putting forth.

All lifters have seen men who looked strong but were not strong. This is one reason why Functional Isometric Contraction is a quick method of developing strength.

Most of them will be broken and re-broken by means of training with this new and scientific Functional Isometric Contraction method. It will be a body-saver, because its scientific methods build the maximum of strength and development, with a minimum strain upon the muscles, tendons and ligaments.


What is Functional Isometric Contraction? In the next two years there will isometic tremendous gains made in all the lifts – the press, the snatch, and the clean and jerk.

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. In fact, progressively heavier weights and weight resistance can be used day after day.

Bob Hoffman – Functional Isometric Contraction

Functional Isometric Contraction is a time saver. After a lifetime spent in the search for strength and better contraciton building methods, we can now offer this faster, better method of building superior physical ability – through Functional Isometric Contraction Training. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Those who succeed have the right combination of the right system of training, they follow the rules of healthful living. It becomes a habit of missing, and failure is sure to result. Being tired, or being late, or having little time is no izometric, it takes so little time.

Every lifter can not become a world champion, but every lifter can greatly improve his lifting records of the past by following this new, all-around system of training.