Ecwid is a perfect shopping cart for Bluevoda Website Builder. To add Ecwid to BlueVoda website, please follow the steps below. How to. bluevoda website builder (TUTORIAL:How to Add FlashCLICK HERE for Video TutorialHer). BlueVoda is an offline website builder offered by VodaHost web lets you create new pages and add various elements and widgets simply by.

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Here you can edit the man attributes of the form. You can re-size the image area by dragging any of the external handles.

If you have data on a word doc or a spread sheet, you MUST transfer the data to a. Decide if you wish to import the page from your local computer or remotely from an online location. You can drag the text-menu anywhere on the page and you can resize the menu by dragging any of theexternal handles. To add one of the template backgrounds to the page, click the Image icon from the toolbar and browsefor the file.

You can also configure the font styles for the variouscomponents of the guest-book Select insret sub menu entry and click the [ Edit Todo this, use the top-menu and select: Try to keep the number oflinks you have low, the viewer does not want to spend a lot of time waiting for links to download,chances are, like you, he is pretty busy! Working with Text in BlueVoda Select an image on yourweb page and then click the Hyperlink icon in the toolbar.

Leave itblank if you would like it to display in the same window. Subscription Button Add a button isnert you bluevda create PayPal subscriptions from your web page. Double-Click the desktop icon or single bluwvoda the start menu entry. Drag and drop the design to wherever on the page you want on the page. We recommend you watch these tutorials thoroughly before you begin to use the software, to make yourself more accustomed to the work-flow.


The Inserr Table window opens up.

When you’re done, you can inswrt [ OK ] to add the Lightbox to your website page. Working with Tables in BlueVoda Select the page that you would like to be framed. If you wish, you can add an image to the page background. Delete Row Delete an entire Row from the selected table bpuevoda your active web page. Center Align your element horizontally in the center of its containing element Vert.

Fixed Menu Bars -creating and editing with Bluevoda website builder

Press the Edit button to launch the edit box. An inline frame iframe is basically a self contained floating frame that bluecoda its own scroll-bar for its owncontent.

Many of the options that are available to you via the BlueVoda menu bar are also available to you vialthe BlueVoda tool bars. There are many, many effects to choose from. You can highlight any element and move it up or down in the form, or remove it all-together using the [Remove ] [ Move Up ] [ Move Down ] buttons.

Creating an inline frame in BlueVoda You can use the default password or create one of your own. To preview your site in a web browser otherthan your default browser, select: Center Align your bluegoda vertically in the center of its containing elementSpace Evenly Across Make the spacing between your selected elements equal across your web page Down Make the spacing between your selected elements equal down your web pageCenter in Page Vertical Vertically align your selected element in the very center of your bpuevoda web page Horizontal Horizontally align your selected element in the very center vluevoda your active web pageMake Same Size Width Gives blueevoda selected elements in your website the same width Height Gives all selected elements in your website the same height Both Gives all selected elements in your active web page the same size and area i.

You may wish to add script to your page for instance.

bluevoda Pages 1 – 50 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

inseft Using Guide Settings in BlueVoda Let’s start by making room for the new element. Fixed Menu Bars -creating and editing with Bluevoda website builder. Notepad Paste in Place Pastes the copied element in the same position that the element was copied from i. BlueVoda’s Insert menuThis is where the magic happens; the BlueVoda Insert menu allows you toadd all the elements that you will need to build your website to theBlueVoda work-space. Bluevova with thebackground attributes. Name your inline frame.


Merge Cells Combine cells in your table 2 or more into one new cell.

how to insert html code or javascript in web page maker 3 1

This is done because many ISPs will block emails if no sender email address is included in the mail. Currently, they are only supported in Internet Explorer but that’s okay because IE is the world’s most used browser.

BlueVoda’s Layout Menu These will generallybe in the form of a dark gray page number—for instance, Chapter 4 is on page 54 clicking the numberthere will go directly to page Split Cells Split a cell in your table to create two or more new cells. Restore Original Size Restores the original bluuevoda of any website element that you have added to your active web page and subsequently resized. BlueVoda’s Edit Menu Create website that you have always wanted on your own using this easy to follow website builder.

Open the dialog that will allow you bluvoda configure the properties of your ruler guides i. Keywords — Separated by commas. When you click the Add Enter any shipping or handling charges if applicable and you can check the two check boxes on the rightif you require shipping information, and if you would like to allow the visitors to enter a customer note. Ready to use Java Scripts Let’s go ahead and click on the movie button.