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Some authors define it as a capacity of the system to recover after shock back to mzkroekonomia previous equlibrium or move to a new one or get through such a disruption and retain or regain the ability of regular functioning [Simmie, Martinp. Regional competitiveness Competitiveness is defined as a propriety of a business, a region or a country to achieve efficacious contest, success and permanent development by, among others, the effective use of its own resources.

Supporting the creation of innovative, specialized, constructive knowledge is highly advisable for the purposes of the construction of absorption capacity, which may facilitate integration with global knowledge and result in innovative products and services development. In professional literature, different definitions of regional development are presented and prepared as the result of conducted research work, as well as the application of procedures referring to the regional economy.

Tyler emphasize that a resilient region maintains long-term economic success in spite of economic changes that may be measured by quality of life, standards of living, employment rate and economic growth [Christopherson, Michie, Tylerp. Usually it is used with a description of weak or strong resilience performance [e. For this reason, due resolutions are passed by the regional parliament and carried out by the regional management board, using the skrhpt instruments.


For example, in a region with one center a large dominant cityit is important to have access to this centre. Later, Hsieh, Lee and Tzeng [Hsieh, Lee, Tzeng ] proved that Asian contemporary and modern art have a low correlation with stock market trends and therefore are an attractive asset for investment diversification.

The primary responsibility for its construction and implementation is therefore taken by regional self-government. On the other hand, from an instrumental perspective, it is the concept of systemic activities focused on achieving the attainable goals related to regional innovation, through the execution of particular tasks, using measures that are, or will be, available to the actors involved in the implementation of this strategy.


Taking into consideration salaries and other work benefits e. The most popular is smart specialization.


Moreover, the top motivations of buying art in Latin America are similar to those in Europe — enjoyment, culture, heirloom and sharing. Security improvement can take makroekononia form of reducing accidents and their makroekonimia death, loss of health, loss of property, the cost of health care insurance.

These systems do not operate as coherent, closed and internally balanced structures. The second meaning refers to the system of relations, interactions and interdependencies functioning for the benefit of regional development in economic, social and spatial spheres. In the discussed case it is the innovation advantage of companies functioning in the regional economy structure which represents the driving force influencing the increase in regional competition and, consequently, also regional development.

It is less than 20 years old, with an annual turnover makroekpnomia around million USD. Regions situated along the border in EU areas are makroeklnomia to apply for cross-border cooperation support as well as also some regions located along external EU borders. Creativity consists in the adequate integration of individual skills in order to concentrate them on a, so far, unexplored path and in this way establish a completely new value.

There is no clear definition of this notion.

Creativity also transfers human capital, currently perceived as the key development factor, into another level of functioning, at which it is transformed kakroekonomia creative capital. Apart from all the above mentioned positive features, the Chinese art market faces a number of problems affecting its further development: According to his concept, the implementation of such a strategy is not necessarily narrowed down to the area of regional self-government structure, since it takes advantage of independent units potential as crucial for the development of a regional innovation system and for the diffusion srkypt innovation oriented processes in the region.

On the other hand, however, these effects, especially the latter, are relatively difficult to estimate. Regions can benefit from these technologies in different ways.

A special role in the development of smart specialization strategies is assigned to public authorities. Add to Watch list Email to friends Share on Facebook — opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter — opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest — opens sirypt a new window or tab.


The Ukrainian art market is quite new to foreign investors and collectors, with a number of barriers for further development. In order that accessibility of transport could bring the expected results other conditions should also exist. Organizational units and regional self-government companies play, in the discussed system, mainly the role of particular strategic tasks executors.

Sustainable transport development prerequisites in selected Polish regions The intermediaries on the art market are facing strong competition followed by the transnationalization of the art market members auction houses. Introduction Regional innovation strategies RIS represent planning documents aimed at skryp the determination and coordinated implementation of deliberately selected activities focused on raising the level of innovation in a particular region. Regional growth should be identified with socio-economic development occurring in a region and referred to as the increase of regional economic potential manifesting itself by the improved living standards of its inhabitants and a higher level of competitiveness.

As on the other emerging markets, its market structure is dominated by contemporary art. It is also emphasized that all three Ts are crucial and keep strengthening one another for the benefit of growth and construct a network of relations stimulating creativity.

New concepts of territorially-oriented development and the analysis of the effectiveness of existing regional innovation strategies, have prompted the European Commission to propose a new approach to regional innovation policy — the so-called smart specialization strategy. The objective of such a policy should focus on influencing the following: However, some questions are only a part of sustainable development, namely nature protection and preserving biodiversity, life within environmental limits and social justice.

In the case of resilience, some scien- tists believe that competitiveness in the most common approach may influence resilience negatively, whereas others maintain that these two ideas are strictly con- nected. Regions and, at a local level, communities, are legally equipped with self-government — administrative, planning and economic — instru- ments for influencing economy, space and society, which can be used for stimulating innovation in the regional and local economy.