Beauty Sleep by Cameron Dokey – “ONCE UPON A TIME” IS TIMELESS The Princess Aurore has had an unusual childhood. Cursed at birth, Aurore is fated to . Oct 24, The Paperback of the Beauty Sleep: A Retelling of. by Cameron Dokey . Gr 6- Dokey has taken the familiar “Sleeping Beauty” fairy tale. May 20, In this variation on the Sleeping Beauty story, the characters prove sympathetic and the setting romantic, but the lack of tension makes for a.

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My library Help Advanced Book Search. Please provide an email address. He rolled his eyes, but whatever.

Now, there’s this thing authors sometimes do when retelling fairytales that I kind of despise. They decide to inject creepy shit that used to happen regularly back in the day into their new version of the tale.

I look forward to reading more of this series. I really should have hid the whole thing due to spoilers, but I’m choosing not to. Her favorite read is J. She is not the perfect little princess, she likes play in the dirt, hates to embroider and paint, and is constantly butting heads with her mother.

I would have cameorn least liked the author to have had researched, or at least use common sense. I even liked why she was cursed to start with, the way the curse played out, and how she spent her years dameron.



Oct 21, Cara rated it really liked it Recommended to Cara by: Happily ever after, right? I understand that they cannot have much of depth when the book has about pages, but honestly: Unable to sew or embroider like most little princesses, Aurore instead explores the castle grounds and beyond, vokey her warmth and generosity soon endear her to the townspeople.

Camreon first it went along like your typical Sleeping beauty, but what made it a novel after my heart was the fact that the princess, Aurore, takes things into her own hands, and leaves everything that she loves behind in order to save her whole kingdom. Unwilling to cause suffering, she will embark on a quest to end the evil magic.

I was completely at a loss on sledp I was going to rate this book. Spoiler — they are too closely related for my comfort dokeh um, eeewwwww. I swear, there are so many plot holes this book would sink a ship. Translation to Spanish, why not? First off, I was not expecting Aurore and Oswald to end up together.

I read it aloud to my husband. See more by Cameron Dokey. However, now I’m left with a random book on my shelf in my room and no one to give it to that I believe would like it. Once she is sixteen havoc sleeo to ensue upon the kingdom and she knows what she has to do Told in a first-person voice, the narrative struggles between a chatty, modern tone far too full of parenthetical phrases, and a stronger, more traditional voice that emerges in the second half.


But she hated her cousin, Oswald, nicknamed Charming, because he wasn’t, even more.

BEAUTY SLEEP by Cameron Dokey | Kirkus Reviews

What I like so much about this series that they are light reads, and you know they’ll make you smile. It’s been a few years since I’ve read it but from I can remember: Aurora was happy but there were things that didn’t quite sit right with me because I’m not sure that I would’ve been able to be happy with how things went down. That’s another thing I couldn’t get on board with.

Aurore has a pretty happy childhood for the first sixteen years, being allowed to do as she pleases for the most part. There is nothing I super hated. Beauty Sleep Mass Market Paperback