BackupPC acts as a server and is installed on a Linux system, and from there . Documentation contains the whole BackupPC documentation. Adding a CGI Administrator to BackupPC; Modifying the etc. can be found in the BackupPC Documentation: Step 9 CGI Interface. As BackupPC operates on services running on a remote host, I will call Please read BackupPC documentation: step 5 of client setup for a full.

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Other users have reported success with removable disks to rotate the BackupPC data drives, or using rsync to mirror the BackupPC data pool backuppc. This is the recommended setting to keep things simple: On WinXX the standard smb protocol is used to extract backup data. BackupPC’s CGI interface automatically fills incremental backups with the corresponding full backup, which means each backup has a filled appearance.

The more uniform the clients and applications the bigger the benefit from pooling common files. You can optionally change the target host name, target share name, and target path documentatiom for the restore, allowing you to restore the files to a different location.

This is without compression. If empty, then the graphs will documentattion skipped. This will keep the backup activity after hours. Administrators will still have full permissions.

Administrator Guide: BMS 2.0

Don’t do any regular backups on this machine. BackupPC “fills-in” incremental backups when browsing or restoring, based on the levels of each backup, giving every backup a “full” appearance. Prior to V4, identical files on multiples backups are represented by hard documenttion. Permission mask for directories and files created by BackupPC. The following variables are substituted at run-time:. Rsync is run on the remote client via rsh or ssh.


UTF8 is the default setting, so if the parameter is missing then it is ok.


Symbolic links are stored as a plain file whose contents are the contents of the link not the file it points to. BackupPC has a Wiki at https: Answering questions on the mailing list is a big help too.

Client Setup” for more details. Command to run smbclient for a restore.

BackupPC Documentation

This is to avoid the risk that disk problems might cause the pool file contents to get corrupted, but the cached checksums would make BackupPC think that the file still matches the client. To avoid possible attacks via the TCP socket interface, every client message is protected by an MD5 digest. There are two options for setting up the CGI interface: Since all the tar paths start with “.

FTP is a standard module. Restore number matches the suffix of the RestoreInfo. You will have to use this option if the smb share password is different for each host.

Any immediate errors will be printed to stderr and BackupPC will quit. This is possible since BackupPC stores the file metadata permissions, ownership, and modification time separately from the file contents. To use ftp with BackupPC you will need four libraries, but actually need to install only File:: It is written for an Apache server.


Alternatively, everything can go in the Apache httpd. The administrator can edit any of the host-specific configuration settings. If the server disk fails, BackupPC can be restarted on a fresh file system, and create new backups from the clients.

See the “Setting up config. On the client, you should have at least rsync 3.

Also, hard links maintain reference counts so that BackupPC knows when to delete unused files from the pool. For files less than Dockmentation, the digest is the MD5 digest of the file size and the full file.

BackupPC Documentation

Which per-host config variables a non-admin user is allowed to edit. Here are some typical settings you’ll need in Apache’s httpd. Also, currently running backups will not be terminated when the disk usage exceeds this number. If you are using rsync on a WinXX machine then it does no conversion.

That allows a full-file digest to be checked as easily as an mtime on the server side. The compression level can be specified.