In the delivery of the card a pair of disc rollers scan the cross-section of the carded sliver as it emerges. These readings are compared electronically with the . Need of Autoleveller in. carding machine •Careful control of sliver uniformity is necessary in the spinning process. •So, continuous checking of sliver weight. Keywords: Autoleveller, Cotton yarn, Count variation, Draw frame. 1 Introduction able yarn count CV has been assessed for carded counts. The effect of single.

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The out put shaft of the same drive the front carring controlling roller, calender roller, and coiler roller at variable speed so as to adjust the draft in accordance with the sliver thickness measurement. In case of open loop system, as the delivered material is not sensed for its linear density to know whether the correction has made or not. Classification of Auto Leveling in Carding: The main regulating position is the feed; adjusting the feed roller speed, usually performs auto leveling.

Auto Leveling in Carding | Part 04

There are two possible applications for assemblies of this type, namely in processing comber noil and where card sliver is fed directly to the rotor spinning machine. To stop the doffer when sliver is missing or sliver is too thin or too thick or when the lap-up choking on ij calender Roller.

In former Zellweger equipment a medium-term auto leveler was provided as an addition to the long-term auto leveler. Frictional Properties March 14, Md. Stop motions in the carding Stop carrding are used in the following places of HP cards. The pulses derived in this way are processed electronically so that the speed of the in feed roller can be adapted to the delivered sliver autleveller via mechanical or electronic regulating devices.


As the calender roll move, the aluminium disc is lifted and comes in contact autolveeller adjustable pins, it operate the corresponding electro pneumatic valve on or off the doffer driving mechanism. According to the basic principle of operation, autoleveller can be classified into two main groups: After comparison with the set value, a difference signal is generated and passed to an electronic regulating unit.

Different principles for auto leveling can be selected depending upon the quality requirements and the operating conditions in the individual mill.

Auto leveler autoleveller in carding How it works? Xarding the measuring point is located downstream from the drafting arrangement, or if the delivery roller pair itself provides the measuring point, then the system is operating autolevellet the closed-loop control principle.

This lever drops when the sliver or the web breaks and, stop the card by the operation of the mechanism. But the modern carding machines have sensing at the feed rollers as well as at the delivery calender rollers. Aero Mixer in Blowroom How it works?

Auto leveler (autoleveller) in carding | How it works?

However, in closed loop system, delivered sliver is of required linear density. Careful control of sliver uniformity is necessary in the spinning process, to minimise the production of streaky fabrics. Fibre properties to be considered for blending: Cardihg Roller For Carding machine How it works Autoleveller is a device which is present on Carding as well as Drawframe machine to correct the variation in linear density weight per unit length of delivered sliver.


Articles Tandem carding How it works? Defects in Blow room and causes.

Blending bale opener or hopper bale breaker: This is the most commonly used principle of card auto leveling and serves to keep the sliver count constant. Close Loop Autoleveller Image by Rieter. A photo cell monitors the sliver between the calender rollers and the coiler.

The speed of the feed roller of the card is changed electronically so that these fluctuations in the cross-section are leveled out. In closed loop system, the autopeveller sliver is sensed for its linear density and autolevellr is done by changing total draft.

Doffing System in carding machine How it works?

Autoleveller in Carding | Autoleveller in Drawframe

These very small movements of the tongue roll or the variations in mass per unit length of card sliver are catding 20 fold and transmitted to an infinitely variable speed gear box. Most of the drawframe autolevellers are open loop autolevellers. The device measures reflection of infrared light from the fibers.