The Serck Audco Taper Plug Valve, manufactured in sizes from. ½” to 12”, is used on a wide variety of liquid, gaseous and slurry services. The tapered plug is . Plug. AUDCO Plug Valves. AUDCO Lubricated Taper Plug Valve has been successfully used in a variety of services ue in-line maintenance capability. The Plug. Audco Plug Valves Are You Looking for trusted vendors for Audco Plug Valves With Best Price, More about Global Steel for all Types Audco Plug Valves India.

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Furthermore, to ensure that our customers are provided with high-quality valves, we Supply cast iron in the manufacturing process of these valves. Products we offer are used to provide flexibility to the glands and offer leak-free, easy turning performance. Flanged End Butterfly Valve.

Audco Plug Valve – Process Valve

The ‘Super LoMu’ Plug coating and the patented sealant provide low friction, low torque and easier operation of the Valve. View Contact Call Seller Now. Get in Touch with us Garg Enterprises. Forged Brass Ball Valve. In this unique process, plgu friction PTFE is incorporated in the surface structure of the valve plug metal.


Three Way Plug Valve.

Audco Gate Valve Distributors. For higher pressure classes or more critical services the Super-H valve shall be selected. Audco Check Valve Distributors. Year of Establishment The company is run by highly experienced technical personnel’s who are well versed with the technical requirements of valves for various industries and for various applications.

Audco Globe Valve Distributors. The tapered seat surfaces of the plug and body are not exposed to the line fluid when the valve is in the open position, so that the effects of corrosion and erosion are confined to the less important parts of the valve.

Audco Lubricated Plug Valves

View Contact Call Seller Now. I agree to the terms and privacy policy. Knife Edge Gate Valve.

Serck Audco The Super-H Lubricated Plug Valve is a rugged, pressure balanced plug valve designed for demanding oil and gas isolation applications where bubble tight shut-off and reliable operation valvee critically important. Cast Steel Globe Valve.

Audco Special Lubricated Plug Valves

Call Send a quick message. High reliability and certainty of zero leakage sealing down the line achieved by large, metal-to-metal seat mating areas and precise seat mating procedures Increased uptime from pressure-balanced plug design that utilizes pressure to balance the forces ;lug on the plug and prevent taper locking Lower maintenance costs via in-line maintainable design that allows sealant to be injected with the valve in any position and under pressure Longer service aucdo through seat protection against line media while the valve valv is open.


Lubricated Plug Valves in Ahmedabad. Valves in bolted bonnet construction are available in pressure classes from toin a variety of materials and end-connections. Audco Ball Valves Dealers. Three Way Plug Valve in Ahmedabad. Wafer Type Ball Valve. Cast Steel Gate Valve.

Three Way Ball Valve. Number of Employees Upto 10 People. The tapered plug is held firmly into its tapered seat but vale be adjusted so that complete leak tightness is achieved together with smooth valve operation.

It possesses an excellent combination of strength and corrosion resistance. Cast Iron Ball Valve.

Audco Lubricated Plug Valves • Audco Italiana

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Number of Employees 26 to 50 People. Three Way Plug Valve in Ahmedabad. Flush Bottom Ball Valve. Lubricated Plug Valves in Ahmedabad.