Systematic position. Class Insecta, order Hymenoptera, suborder Symphyta, family Tenthredinidae, subfamily Tenthredininae, tribe Selandrini, Athalia. Eggs Length: around mm; diameter: mm (Sawa et al., ). White to milk-white, ellipsoidal. Larvae Length: mm (mature larvae). Face and. No genome information of primitive hymenoptera (Symphyta, sawfly) is available vs higher suborder (Apocrita, Apis, Nasonia etc.). This species is a.

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Archived from the dosae on 24 September Tenthredinidae Insects described in Larvae of the second generation damage in July – August. Some experimental data to ecology of turnip sawfly.

EU pesticides database www. High harmful activity appears in steppe and forest-steppe zones of Ukraine and European Russia, in Transcaucasia, Moldova. This page was last edited on rossae Novemberat Then copulation and oviposition take place.

Turnip sawfly

The results suggest that for the defensive effectiveness of the pest sawfly species against vertebrates the chemical cue is not necessarily sufficient. The species gives generations during a year; i. Views Read Edit View history.

At low damage the leaves resemble a net; at strong damage the sawfly roughly feeds leaf mass, leaving only big ribs and petioles. The body of larva is wrinkled, covered with small warts. Larva lives days.


For further information, we recommend you visit the following resources: This has been shown to be an effective, chemical-based, defence against invertebrate predators.

Coloration as female except head basal two-thirds of mandibles white, apical one-third of mandibles red-brown; abdomen apical region of first tergum black Benson, ; Atgalia, Cultural Control Methods to destroy over-wintering pre-pupae include crop rotation, destruction of crucifers and deep ploughing Hill, Knowledge Bank home Change location.

This effort will add to the planned i5Kthe effort to sequence 5, insect genomes in 5 years. Retrieved from ” https: Turnip sawfly and control treatments.

Control measures include eradication of weeds, under-winter plowing, destroying plants remains, trapping crops with following chemical treatments, insecticide treatments against larvae. Pests of agricultural crops and forest plantations. There are two black rhomboid spots on upper side of thorax. Insects of Latvian SSR.

Face and anterior of head with setae; thorax with protuberances developed weakly, one pair on first and second annulets of rosar, two pairs on second annulet of meso- and metathorax, three pairs on fourth annulet of meso- and metathorax; abdomen without stout hairs, with two pairs of protuberances on second and third annulets of first segment and two pairs on second and fourth annulets of second to ninth segments Abe, The pest also feeds on wild cruciferous and umbelliferous species, such as Thlaspi arvense L.


Irkutsk plant protection station. Female cuts leaf by ovipositor and lays eggs inside.

Turnip sawfly – Wikipedia

Its effectiveness was borne out in a test over ha in which it was sown 7 days aathalia rape in a m band around the crop Vlasenko and Sushkova, Oviposition lasts days. Larvae of the first generation are especially dangerous.

Pests Athalia rosae L. State agricultural publishing house.

AgroAtlas – Pests – Athalia rosae L. – Turnip Sawfly

Several of the sawfly larvae were rejected after an initial attack, demonstrating unpalatability to the lizards, while the Pieris larvae were not rejected. Female life span is about three weeks. Chemical Control Due to the variable regulations around de- registration of pesticides, we are for the moment not including any specific chemical control recommendations.

The most important predators are Perilampus italicus Fabr. Larvae roughly eat leaves, with only big ribs and petiole remaining. The strongest harming activity is marked on turnip.