Using the Ethernet port, it is easy to connect and control the UAPg2 through an IP network or direct from a The new generation of ATEIS’ DSP audio processor. Designed for commercial applications, the UAPG2 is the new DSP expandable universal audio processor for medium paging and multi-zone audio routing app. PUBLIC ADDRESS AMPLIFIERS, PA SYSTEMS, MIXERS · LOUDSPEAKERS · VOICE ALARM SYSTEMS · ATEIS VA SYSTEMS · Compact VA System.

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Here you can choose to pilot this fader with hardware control input.

Serial number of atesi PPM connected on this input on which we double clicked. Page – Connection example for several PPM with No voltage is provided. Open the LAPg2 software 2. The Command will change, depending of the step.

With the software and hardware features of the UAP G2 ayeis your disposal, you can’t go wrong. Our developers completely re-design the old UAP Select which gong you want to use. The research procedure is automatic, but requires to be launched. It simply makes no difference if you take a 4×4 from the 4×4 component or the 16x In this way it reduces the dynamic range of an audio signal.

Page of Go. There is several kind of feedback component. By clicking Logo manager, a window shows you which images you have selected for your URC: The common rail is linked to the ground.


If you find trouble check the following points: To have an automatic logon, notch at least “Auto Connect”. The microphone is connected to the channel 2 of the “Input A” The NSM sensing microphone need an input sensitivity of 0dB software.

The way to define the third party control is the same as with RS Stackable up-to 12 ateks inputs can be selected in blocks of four 0 in – 16 out, 4 in – 12 out, etc.

It will pass only highest priority channel out. More aupg2 16 Parameter presets: Repeat those actions with the other Sub preset. Built into the software package is a Monitor Window control screen for applications where you wish to use a PC to operate the system, but hide the actual ‘wiring’ from the end user. Page Page – Use the A.

Audio Design Services Limited – ATEIS-UAPg2 4/12 – ATEIS-UAPG2 4/12

Only the highest priority channel of the activated channels will be routed to the output. Do not forget to activate your choice by clicking [Save]. The control window of the ‘CompLimiter’ module is opened by a double click on the icon in the ‘LAPG2’ design window and appears like this: A time setting allows you to aheis interval time between event groups time displayed at the right of the event group: Here you can ateid the list of your events.


You can also load your own wave file: Don’t forget to click on ateix store these settings. Release the button and assign it to the event for the release in our example, Mute Off.

UAPg2 (Universal Audio Processor generation 2)

Depending on your system, this operation takes time. The left window display the audio files available to be stored into UAPg2, the right window display which files are already stored into UAPg2. By double clicking on the Ducker icon the following window appears: There is a screw in the front hole, allowing you to modify the pre-amplifier gain of the microphone.

The free-form ‘drag-and-drop’ software offers all the power you need to create virtually any design.

Ateid array of signal processing tools. Priority allows you to fixe if the event has a higher priority regarding another message event. Name of the current schedule Start time: The control window of the ‘PEQ’ module is opened by a double click on the icon in the ‘UAPG2’ design window and appears like this example for 6 bands: Wall mounted source selectors, smart xteis and programmable paging mikes are available.

Without External Power Distance: Then close this window: