RAMAYANA SERIES: THE COMPLETE EDITION – Kindle edition by AKB eBOOKS, Ashok K. Banker. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. King of Ayodhya (Ramayana, book 6) by Ashok K Banker – book cover, description, publication history. (The sixth book in the Ramayana series) A novel by. The Ramayana book series by Ashok K. Banker includes books Prince of Ayodhya (Ramayana, Book 1), Siege of Mithila, Demons of Chitrakut (Ramayana, .

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His refusal to identify himself as belonging to a caste, religion or community caused many conflicts during his childhood, since it was at odds with India’s traditional caste-based social structure. This culture of segregation and systematic bias turned him away from his estranged biological father’s religion Hinduismand Banker grew up with little or no exposure to Hindu culture, religion or literature. Three of his novels contain autobiographical elements and are closely related to one another.

He took Persian and Urdu lessons for a banoer and even won a college-level prize for Urdu-Translation in collaboration with a Pakistani friend. His work has been optioned for adaptation to television or film several times over the years, usually with Banker himself attached as screenwriter.

Ashok Banker

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Eight magnificent ebook editions plus one non-fiction book. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Ramayzna Week, cover story, August On this darkest day, it hardly seems to matter that Rama’s exile is ended, and that he is now free to return to his homeland to claim his rightful place–as King of Ayodhya.

Rust Black Heart Kali Rising 4: Banker is best known for his Ramayana Series, a freely imaginative retelling of the ancient Sanskrit epic poem. Describing himself as a ‘post-racial post-religious’ Indian. Siege of Mithila RS 3: He identified himself with other minorities and his closest friends were Muslims, Parsis, Christians and Jews. This brings freshness to the old stories and makes their intricate, discursive narratives more accessible to an audience that has been bred on the linear plots of Hollywood and Bollywood movies.


Banker is a contemporary Indian novelist often counted among the significant literary names in post-colonial Indian literature His work is the focus of several academic studies [18] for its cross-cultural themes and realistic portrayals awhok Indian urban issues.

Bridge of Rama RS 6: Although it has often appeared on readers’ choice polls as a adhok contemporary fiction on post-liberalisation India, it is one of Banker’s lesser known works. You will receive a new password via e-mail. Ravana, lord of demons, unleashes terrible sorcery to deal a crushing blow to Rama’s forces. In India, the Series continues to enjoy popularity and sales. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Ashok Banker.

Fortress of Dwarka KC 7: Banker has recreated this epic tale of magic and intrigue for modern readers everywhere. Byculla Boy takes its name from the Byculla suburb of Bombay where he and his mother grew up. Before they can recover, he sends forth a legion of warbred rakshasas more terrible than any seen before, and the soil of Lanka runs red with the blood of Rama’s warriors. Random Quote What I liked most about the whole Krishna series is the way you have depicted the divinity as well as mortal pains of Kirshna and Balarama.

The Darkness Before Dawn Mba 5: They gained him widespread attention and still continue to be regarded with critical approval. May Agnes Smith had been born and raised in Ceylon.

Banker has published in several genres, ranging from contemporary fiction about urban life in India to multi-volume mythological epicsas well as cross-genre works. He is credited as having introduced Indian mythology to a new generation of readers with works that have been described as “better written than many books in the genre that followed”, “well paced” and “breathes humanity into characters that most Indians consider deities.

Prince in Exile RS Omnibus 3: The creator of several dozen successful and award-winning advertising commercials, documentaries and docudramas, including the multiple award-winning Whose World Is It Anyway, for which he also wrote several original songs. Blood Red Sari Kali Rising 2: Among his close friends were the son and daughter of the Rabbi of the Magen David Synagogue in Byculla, who also banmer at the same high school.


The film rights were purchased for development by Warner Bros in Ashhok has mentioned in interviews how she not only encouraged him to write but even financed the publication of his first book, a collection of his poetry titled Ashes in the Dust of Time, which heat age 15, and which was selected to represent Young India at the World Book Fair in Paris.

Ashok Banker – Wikipedia

Due to his early association with the scifi genres, his work is often found on several recommended reading lists and discussed in seminars, conventions, essays and books. Still, the brave vanars and bears rally and fight on, despite the formidable odds. Book Six of the Ramayana Author s: At the launch of Banker’s historical fiction novel Ten Kings in Chennai, filmstar Kamalhaasan was asked if he was adapting the book to the screen, but Kamalhaasan denied the rumour on camera and in subsequent interviews.

Prince of Ayodhya RS 2: Demons of Chitrakut RS 4: Rama, king-in-waiting, has crossed the ocean, and the great war has begun. Subsequently, the series was telecast in over 30 countries worldwide and ran for half-hour episodes.

And then Ravana commits the most dreaded act of all: Beautiful Ugly and the complementary documentary of the same title are a tribute to his mother, portraying the tragic events of her life. He is reported to have several television shows in development and production, including the highly successful historical TV show Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat on Colors.

The stories of his ” Devi ” series are short works featuring Avatars of the Hindu goddess Deviand have appeared in various science fiction, fantasy, and horror magazines.