Pan Afr Med J. Jan 8; doi: /pamj eCollection [Appendicular plastron: emergency or deferred surgery: a series of. After successful nonsurgical treatment of an appendiceal mass, the true diagnosis is uncertain in some cases and an underlying diagnosis of cancer or Crohn’s. mechanisms and form an inflammatory phlegmon Complicated appendicitis was used to describe a palpable appendiceal mass, phlegmon.

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The majority of recurrences occur within 6 mo after initial hospital stay.

De U, Ghosh S. Is a long delay necessary before appendectomy after appendiceal mass formation?

[Evolutive particularities of appendicular plastron in children].

J R Coll Surg Edinb. True surgical complications include wound infection Meta-analysis of randomized trials comparing antibiotic therapy with appendectomy for acute apeneicular no abscess or phlegmon appendicitis. How to cite this URL: Amoxicillin plus clavulanic acid versus appendicectomy for treatment of acute uncomplicated appendicitis: Appendectomy versus antibiotic treatment for acute appendicitis.

A meta-analysis comparing conservative treatment versus acute appendectomy for complicated appendicitis abscess or phlegmon Surgery. The debate arises over the importance and level of the complication rate of interval appendicectomy. Influence of preoperative aoendicular tomography on patients undergoing appendectomy. At first, do we have to follow a medical or a surgical treatment?

Treatment options of inflammatory appendiceal masses in adults

There is continued debate about the relative merits of US and CT[ 10 – 1550 – 59 apendkcular the latest meta-analysis has concluded that CT[ 60 – 69 ] is significantly more sensitive than US for the diagnosis of appendicitis, but that US should be considered in children. We conducted this study to assess the safety, efficacy and need of early laparoscopic appendicectomy ELA in child patients with appendicular mass. Classification of surgical complications: Journal List World J Gastroenterol v.


However, noncontrast MRI provides detailed images, which usually provide the correct diagnosis. Consensus conference on laparoscopic appendectomy: J Pediatr Surg ; In patients with an appendiceal mass, the authors have concluded that conservative treatment without interval plastrn is the best treatment.

Nonoperative management of the ultrasonically evaluated appendiceal mass. Comparative evaluation of conservative management versus early surgical intervention in appendiceal mass — a clinical study.

[Medical and/or surgical treatment of appendicular mass and appendicular abscess in children].

From the appendicular processes, 10 patients were diagnosed of appendicular mass, which means 6. Management of appendiceal mass: The appendix is significantly larger in diameter in perforated appendicitis than in appendicitis with no perforation 15 mm vs 11 mm.

The need for interval appendectomy after successful nonsurgical treatment has recently been questioned because the risk of recurrence is relatively small.

Comparison of laparoscopic, open, and converted appendectomy for perforated appendicitis. The exploration often ends up in an ileocecal resection or a right-sided hemicolectomy.

This risk was related to age with 0. Direct CT signs i. The average age of patients was 33 years, ranging between 19 and 57 years.

Treatment options of inflammatory appendiceal masses in adults

In the period between the sharp symptoms and the definitive operation, there have not been any further complications or pathology related to the appendicular mass, despite the fact plastton the operations have taken place 5. Conservative management of appendix mass in children. Post-operative complications were found in 4 7. Intraluminal air within an obstructed appendix: Contemporary management of the appendiceal mass.


The obvious disadvantages of CT include exposure to ionizing radiation and the potential for contrast medium reactions. Based on these findings, CT scans seem to have significant benefit in the evaluation of patients with suspected acute appendicitis, to exclude other pathology, in selected patients such as elderly apendiculwr 5270 ].

Moreover, if appendicectomy is not performed, consideration needs to be given to what investigations should be undertaken and in which patients. The recurrence apendicukar of appendiceal pathology if appendicectomy is not performed is central to the debate over the use of routine interval appendicectomy.

A proper antibiotic treatment always solves the sharp symptoms. Differentiation of nonperforated from perforated appendicitis: Can Med Assoc J. The term complicated appendicitis is often used to describe apendiculaar palpable appendiceal mass, an appendiceal phlegmon, or a localized abscess without distinction. Diagnostic value of hyperbilirubinemia as a predictive factor for appendiceal perforation in acute appendicitis.

Still a taboo, or time for a change in surgical philosophy?.