Sheet Music – £ – Boosey Edition – Albeniz Cordoba from Chants d’Espagne, arranged as a guitar solo by John Williams. [PDF] – Guitar solo (standard notation) – Romantic * License: Public domain -. Córdoba, Op. , No. 4, is a composition by Isaac Albéniz, originally written for piano as part of Chants d’Espagne. Since it has been transcribed for guitar by.

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Cordoba by Isaac Albéniz arr. A Hirsh (M)

I notice one thing in particular which is not of your doing, but is an idiosyncrasy of MuseScore. Albemiz in measures 1, 3, 5, and many others, the tie extends to the notehead, thereby often obscuring the dot, depending on whether the note is on a line or in a space and whether the dot is above, even with, or below the notehead. In traditional music engraving, ties extend from the dot, not the notehead, in order to eliminate this problem.


All we can do now is to edit the ties, one at a time. This can be very tedious for those pieces which employ many of them.

Let me state once again that MuseScore is a wonderful resource. But do we suppose this could be changed in an upcoming version?

Albeniz Cordoba transcription for Classic Guitar | MuseScore

In reply to Cordoba. This was my first shot at using MuseScore.

I am not aware of any of the rules of traditional guutar must have missed that classbut I did see what you were talking about Bill, and have fixed the score. Do you have any other suggestions regarding string and fingering placement? There are places, for instance measures andwhere the ascending melody line, which could be more easily played on cordkba third string, is played on the 4th string for a certain tone color.

The left hand numeric fingerings combined with the string choice can make things seem cluttered at best and insane at worst.


In reply albdniz Thanks for the comments by tgwilt. Do you still have an unanswered question?

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This is one of those pieces which pushes the limits of single-staff notation. Sorry, I am not a guitarist, so I couldn’t comment on those things.

I was just trying to reiview things common to all music notation.