Before we have a look at the chess methods of defence, it will be useful to discuss the various thinking methods that can be helpful when defending. Practical Chess Defence, – download book Author: Aagaard Jacob. Practical Chess Defence Jacob Aagaard Quality Chess ychessbooks. com. First edition by Quality Chess Europe AB Vegagatan 18, SE Practical Chess Defence has 12 ratings and 0 reviews. Chess is developing faster now than ever before in history, and the appearance of.

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Practjcal also wins rather trivially after Chess might be a strategic game, but to implement your superior strategy you will need to have control over all of your troops; meaning, your calculation must be in order.

The intermediate move is a powerful tool.

Choose the fight and do it to the hopefully not so birter end. Massive loss of material is imminent and only radical measures will suffice. This loses direcdy, but the situation was not easy for Dffence. Allowing the following combination: Quite a number were unsuitable because the defending side had a surprising defence, consisting of Fritz-moves, or just very accurate defence.

If you are not convinced, test yourself with a couple of hundred exercises. Paperbackpages. Black cannot take the pawn because of the unfortunate position practicsl the black king and rook.

Practical Chess Defence

I felt I chses a lot of interesting things to say about defensive technique, but the chess was so complex and colourful that any reader who read through the book would defencr so too quickly. Grant, Scottish Practicap The flight tendency exists for us during our games too. White is either stalemated, or allowed practicaal approach and eliminate the last remaining black pawn.

This attitude has Chess is developing faster now than ever before in history, and the appearance of strong chess computers has changed the way players think. So start to notice how often you can anticipate your opponent’s threats in practice, and start 49 to include it more consciously in your thought processes along with prophylactic thinking.


I am sure that this sort of thing mainly happens to Svidler when he is writing his annotations, whereas when he is fully concentrated at the board, he is particularly attentive to this kind of possibility.

That is all we need to know about this move. Jf2t looks far less dangerous once we give ourselves a chance to find 4. White would win with On such occasions a little sacrifice might diminish the anger of the gods.

I am not sure about the origin of this position, but it has been known for a long time that White cannot make progress. See below for the improvement.

This basically means that each and every non-standard combination deserves a category of its own, but are collected in a box of mixed sweeties, or something like that.

Practical Chess Defence – Aagaard – Chess Forums –

Shubham Barua added it Dec 24, Should Black resign here? The first World Champion of the third millennium defeated the greatest attacking player of all time, with accurate defence!

White has no way to make progress, and a draw would be a fair result. Now I will win a bishop for the pawn, reaching a promising endgame.

With this you should be fully educated in the art of defence. But at least writers have the decency to check the accuracy of the previous analysis with computer programs. Black saw this as well, and believed that he could play an intermediate move to change the situation.

Practical Chess Defence by Jacob Aagaard (2006, Paperback)

However, this takes nothing away from its instructive clarity. Cox – Aagaard Isle of Man – Andrew Martin on the Fritz9 Multimedia DVD The defensive thinking framework we discussed in the previous chapter is very useful for the practical player and can be the difference between winning and losing important tournament games.


I am sure you did not anticipate that the d4-pawn would become the deciding factor when you looked at the diagram before White’s 4 1 ” move, did you? Presumably he needs to exchange a rook to be able to bully the white pieces, but then White will maybe be able to build a fortress. Golod – Mittelman Beer Sheva 1 l.

This is far from the case. The answer is no. This brings up an interesting question. Alexsander rated it did not like it May 17, A better explanation for this move is the age difference. If you feel so inclined, this is probably a good time to find out what you would do against these three trials.

Practical Chess Defence by Jacob Aagaard, Improvement chess book by Quality Chess

In principle she is not threatening the black king at the moment, but she is threatening to threaten, which is the same as to threaten, honest! This does not necessarily lead to bullet-proof solutions, but we get much closer to this unobtainable goal than we would have done without computers.

The next example shows how the absence of structure in the calculations can lead us astray in even the simplest tactics. I have therefore decided only to give one example of this theme here.

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At world-class level it happens at move 8 in the calculation – but the problem is still the same.