Database user: a2billinguser. Database user password: a2billing. Now run script to create tables and insert some basic configuration data. hi. i am using elastix version() any1 tell me a good configuration guide for a2billing.. no matter what i do i get “the extension. Hi i am new here in this field don’t have depth knowledge just installed a2billing on v.p.s i wanted to see call tracking in a2billing of sip clients.

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A2Billing v2.2 Install Guide

Least Cost Dialing – search the best termination with the cheaper cost for end-user selling rate. If you are defining a SIP trunk and the carrier needs authentication, remember to add the following configuration in sip.

Finally select the csv files and click on the “Import Ratecard” button. Create a call-plan and rate tables under rates. View a2billnig discussion thread. Change that setting to yes if no. Then there is a daddy administrator, which has all the options, and can create confoguration administrators.

Create your rates and upload them into your rate tables, Note that the longest match of dial-code to dialed-digits is chosen first, and that a call cannot be made unless a rate exists for the destination. Tested using the following software: Now you also have to assign it to a ratecard and a dial prefix. We do not cover the installation of the callback daemon.


This chapter aims to help using the software. One for Global group and one for agi-conf1 group.

A2Billing Initial Set-up

Card properties Let’s try to make an non-exhaustive list of the card properties. The 1 in a2billing.

You will have to define the ratecard name, the trunk to use and the different fields that you want to specify from your csv configuratiin. If you dont know anything about administrators then Then tell A2Billing that the trunks exist and they can be used in the Providers Trunks section. If the system stops abnormally, it can happen that some customers won’t be able to use their cardnumber again.

A2Billing Initial Set-up | A2Billing

Define the date for the expiration, it works only if “enable expire” is set to “date expire” expiration days: The agi-conf is well commented, so set its parameters according to the way that a2illing want to handle the call. When defining your trunk configuration, you can take asterisk trunk configuration. A ratecard is set of rates rates are defined according to a dialing prefix, for instance It will find that setting twice.

User Guide A2billiing chapter aims to help using the software.

If you are familiar with Asterisk, it is the string that you give confoguration the Dial application. Define if more that one call can be accept at the same time on this card currency: System Settings Global Settings. From a web browser go to http: Set the base currency, manager settings timezones, and all the other settings which are appropriate to your installation.


This allow to a third party to use your service without having to authenticate each time. Standard process should be: The root password is set as changepassword, this should be changed. PowerPBX is a trademark of powerpbx.

This is very important. Note that if you change the currency, you also have to update the currencies under Configurqtion Currency List. As you probably discover, when you browse the card you have 2 particulars button at your disposal: Some descriptive name DID number: The following 2 diagrams illustrate A2billing inbound and outbound call flow. For each ratecard you will be able to create as many rates you want.

You have to insert the same name you use to define the trunk in asterisk. In that case, reset the flag to 0.