sayılı Ateşli Silahlar ve Bıçaklar ile Diğer Aletler Hakkında Kanun, sayılı Sporda Şiddet ve Düzensizliğin Önlenmesine Dair Kanun, sayılı. Nolu İnternet Yasası Karara Bağlanıyor Anayasa Mahkemesi TELKODER’ in Görüşlerini Dinledi. Log management siem sayılı yasa. 1. ENHANCING SIEM CORRELATION RULES THROUGH BASELINING 1 Ertuğrul Akbaş.

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When an individual raises a complaint, the Presidency of Telecommunication and Communications will send the request to the Union of Access Providers, which yaa block the URL within the next four hours as a preventive measure.

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The individual seeking for the prevention of the content is required to submit his official demand to the Court in 24 hours. The first encounter of Turkiye with the computer was with the first computer system installed at the General Directorate of Highways in and the first encounter with the Internet was when a 64 Kbps capacity Internet connection was made on 12 April at the Middle East Technical University. According to the code The Board consists of the operators service providers and other operators rendering Internet access services which are authorized according to ECL.

Turkish cybersecurity web page. The Board is required to execute the decisions for prevention of access, excluding decisions that might have to be based on the category of crimes enumerated in Art. Specifically, the executive branch consists of the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers.


According to the new version, only the infringing content will be able to be removed noku of the whole content provided on the web site [26]. That is why the law may be mentioned as the first of the arrangements regarding the activities in the medium of the Internet.

Journal of International Commercial Law and Yas. Retrieved 22 March As a rule content provider is not responsible for the linked content provided by another.

These are namely; ordinance on the procedures about granting business certificate for the host provider and access provider, ordinance on the procedures for regulating the content of online publications.

There are secondary regulations such as ordinances enacted based on the IA as well.

Internet regulation in Turkey

As one of the arguments in support of the IA the government addressed the protection of privacy. As nlou result, regulatory functions of the Ministry of Transport were transferred to the Authority in principle, and the General Directorate of Radiocommunication, a government body in charge of radio frequency management under the Wireless Law Law7 Aprilwas abolished and all of its functions were transferred to the Telecommunications Authority.

Unless a decision by the court is delivered to the Union within 48 hours, the restriction will be automatically removed. UK has its own Internet restrictions”. However, the decision would promptly be revoked by the public prosecutor unless it is approved by the judge.

CP or HP must reply to the application within 24 hours. SI is setting up an optional, free and on-demand service for families to protect their children from detrimental content.


After the law becoming effective, three legislative regulations, mentioned below, have been released regarding and to be a basis of application of the law:. Retrieved 1 May This article’s use of external links may not follow Wikipedia’s policies or guidelines. They indicated their concerns about the anticompetitive environment; [26] [35].

With the modifications to the Internet Act, a board of access providers was established. If the circumstances require an express decision, the public prosecutor would also be entitled to render a decision to prevent access with a condition to present the decision to the yasaa in 24 hours for approval. These included publications that are made on the Internet environment and the law regarding fight against committed crimes by these publications.

The Telecommunications Authority was established by means of the Lawdated 29 January However, The Law ofdated Aside from the traditional structure, certain public institutions are formed to regulate and execute specific duties. According to Art 8, in case of sufficient suspicion a decision for prevention to access, may be rendered by the judge, during the investigation phase for these enumerated crimes.

Coaxial cable Fiber-optic communication Optical fiber Free-space optical communication Molecular communication Radio waves Transmission line. Category Outline Portal Commons. However, if this content is obviously supported by the content provider he shall be responsible under general provisions Act No.